Art Star recap #3

Here’s the last of my pics from the Art Star Craft Bazaar from this weekend.

I’ve already told you about some of my purchases here + here, but I also wanted to let you know that I bought an extra large deer tote from Bubble Dog (hanging up here on the left). And, I got a Circle Deer necklace from Figs & Ginger as well.

It was a great show and I gotta tell you that I wish Erin and Megan would think about doing a holiday show…hint, hint.

Dreamy ceramics from Robert Siegel Ceramics. I really fell for this golden yellow glaze and the irregular shape of these vases. The flowers smelled delish as well!

I have been eying the work of Penelope Rakov in the Art Star Gallery & Boutique ever since 1st discovering it there last year and I was so happy to get to meet the artist in person. I bought this little number.  Will be making many more purchases, I believe.

Vintage fabric large wristlets from Lolo + Gretch.

Blood Milk had a really cool display.

Pretty peacock pillow from JennyJen42.

Timmy Tadpole is just too cute.  I like the little guy with the glasses. I hope someone gave him a good home. From So Softies.

All the yarn from Traveling Rhinos was bright, beautiful and just asking for knitting!


I’d spent all my money by the time I got to Olaria Studio. 🙁


More lovely handmade pottery jewelry from Olaria Studio.


I can never get enough of the handmade ceramics from Little Flower Designs. Love all of her new designs…don’t you?


More Little Flower Designs loving.


  1. so many pretties it is kind of overwhelming! just found your site today (it is beautiful!) and am super excited to spend lots of time looking around 🙂

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