Art Star recap #2

More of my Art Star Craft Bazaar coverage from this weekend.

First off, here I am with indie superstar Jenny Hart of Sublime Stiching…who couldn’t have been sweeter!

L O V E the candles from Berd and Bee. They use both soy and beeswax and only natural fragrances. Love the molds as well—like these candlestick candles.

And these pine cone candles also from Berd and Bee. I bought a golden rose scented beeswax candle and a soy pear shaped and scented candle. The pear candle is made from an original mold of actual pears.

Napkins and Ceramics from Cakehouse and May Luk Ceramics.

More Cakehouse goodies.

Chair and pretzel necklaces from Colleen Heineman.

I bought a deer pin from My Santo. It’s on the left in the bin that says ‘decal pine $10’.

I wanted to buy all the woodland creature blockprints from Tugboat Printshop. I had to be physically restrained by Laura.

She couldn’t keep me from buying a pair of felt and sterlimg silver earrings from Wearable Jules though.

I also bought this leaf green felt necklace from Knitknit. I have LOTS of felt jewelry, but I so NEED more.

More Knitknit loveliness.

I finally got to meet the lovely Laurel Denise in person, who is by the way, a real dollface. I also bought one of her Circle Love pendants.

More jewels—here are some long dangles from Kflick.

Finally for today, I almost bought some tees for Mr. Indie Fixx from Dydrm, but he is so picky. I wasn’t sure which design and in what color. Will have to share the website with him. Dydrm is this amazing artist collective that you should cehck out.

Will share more Art Star tomorrow…the final day.


  1. thanks so much for including us in your recap!

    i traded with one of the dydrm guys for a cat shirt at the bust holiday show last december, i love their stuff….

  2. I actually bought the same shirt from Dydrm for my cousin a few weeks ago when we vended next to each other. My cousin LOVES it!

  3. Ooooh, how do I find Colleen Heineman?? I LOVE those chair necklaces!! And the link doesn’t work and I can’t seem to find her via google either. any ideas?

  4. thank you so much for including me in your post! it was awesome to finally get to meet you in person and chat for a bit 🙂 i’m so jealous of all of the cool things you got to see – that’s the only downer of DOING these shows! you dont get to SHOP them when you’re a vendor.

  5. It was amazing meeting you! We hope you love your candles and had a great rest of the day!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your recap posts since we weren’t able to leave the booth much this past weekend 🙂

    Meg from Berd and Bee!

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