Intern Search!


I want you! Not the collective you, just one of you, actually, to be my intern for the summer.

Responsibilities will include:

1. Help me research stories.

2. Contact artists and designers.

3. Respond to email!

4. Writing assignments.

5. Other stuff that comes up.

Workload will be about 5 hours a week, unless you want more and then I am able to pretty much work you around the clock if you like that type of thing.

There is absolutely no pay,  but the glory, oh the glory…

If you are interested, email me at with a brief note about why you are interested in being my intern and a quick little resume as well. Pass this on to anyone who may be interested.

For a student, I’d be happy to write a letter of recommendation after a successful internship. I’d also be happy to promote projects that the intern may be working on personally.

I will collect resumes for the next couple of weeks or until I find a suitable candidate, whichever comes first.