Guest Blog: The Best of Etsy by Wende Oates Larsen

Every Wednesday, Wende Oates Larsen shares The Best of Etsy on her blog Evidently. I follow Wende on Twitter, where she also  shares her picks. I always enjoy her selections,  so I asked her if she would share her picks with you all today on Indie Fixx.

by guest contributor Wende Oates Larsen

‘You Told Me’ by Michele Maule

Hi there! I’m excited to post The Best of Etsy here on Indie Fixx today. It’s such a pleasure to curate this list; it’s the highlight of my week on Twitter and my blog. But it’s a special treat for me to be sharing this week’s choices with the readers of Indie Fixx.

Every week, I seek to find new artists for you to love and feature new work by established favorites. Finding fabulous artists to feature is the easy part—narrowing my choices to 7 each week gets a bit more difficult. I’m always amazed at the depth of talent on Etsy. I think it can be overwhelming at times. The Best of Etsy is my attempt to make that talent more accessible; especially for people who might not be familiar with all Etsy has to offer.

So, here we go! The Best of Etsy—1 April 2009: A List for Indie Fixx

Technically, it’s spring. I’m feeling the urge to spruce up my space, organize my thoughts, and clear out the cobwebs—uh, literally? So here are a few choices to brighten up your walls and reward you for all that Spring-cleaning. You have been cleaning, right?

I think this print would be a nice change of pace to cobwebs, don’t you? And who doesn’t love a sale?

I’m so curious. Ok, that about sums me up and I adore the implications! You’re curious too, admit it. (Tip: check out the whole store!)

Christina Romeo, The Province of My Mind, Creative With Clay

If your walls could bear to part with this. . . it would make the perfect wedding gift. But you know you’re going to keep it.

I wish my guesthouse was this cool. Wait, I don’t have a guesthouse. Still. This print is stunning! (Tip: Etsy is treasure trove of fine art photography going for a song. Sing!! Sing!!)

I like pockets. They’re useful. Your walls should have pockets too!

Art Water Color

Watercolors are my new obsession. This artist is still fairly unknown! You can thank me later for introducing you.

Jordan Weiland’s work will take you on a journey. But I’m especially fond of his paintings.

And while we’re on the subject of original paintings, have you seen Trish Grantham’s work? Whimsy at its best!

Bonus picks: I told you I had trouble narrowing it down to 7 each week!

Day Dreamers

Check out Day Dreamers for more amazing photographs.

Drenched in White is deceptively colorful. And original pieces are still available!

Finally, words can’t do Pheakkley justice.

So that wraps up this week’s list. I hope you found something wonderful to call your own. The Best of Etsy airs weekly on Twitter—it’s a short list of my top Etsy choices for the week. It’s live each Wednesday at 1 pm PST. If you miss it, you can always find The Best of Etsy archived on my blog, Evidently.

 About the contributor: Wende Oates Larsen is a mother, writer, and Twitter addict. When she’s not doing those things, she’s busy working in her studio creating beautiful housewares out of vintage textiles for her store Mireio or doing laundry. She does a lot of laundry!  You can also find her abusing comma rules on her blog Evidently—where she writes about her life living in a tiny wind-blown town on the coast of Oregon.


  1. The secret is out about our Wende and her photography. Well guess we had to share her at some point. Enjoyed my visit to your blog and I am sure I will return. 🙂

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