Guest Blog: Just a bunch of eco-friendly ‘fools’ by Supercute

by guest contributor SuperCute

Today, the ladies from SuperCute have put together a fun post of April Fool’s Day inspired eco-friendly goodies.

Over here at SuperCute, we’ve never been the type of girls who can resist a good joke. While we all have different ideas of what constitutes the perfect gag, we do agree that everything’s funnier when you can feel good about it!
Liz’s Picks:

The best/worst quality I have is my love of puns and sarcasm. (I’d like to go to Holland. Wooden shoe?) With that in mind, these three items all appealed to my better/worse nature. The real plus here is that they are all eco-friendly in one way or another!


I really think the first line of the description really summarizes my enjoyment of these magnets: “Another day, another chance to get caught up in the looming disaster.” Working in a cube all day myself, I welcome any distractions. These magnets fit the bill and are made from upcycled materials!


The chain of thank yous can get absurd sometimes. When do you stop? Who gets the last word? This card makes it clear. Printed with a vintage press with soy-based ink, this card is just one example of the great cards from Sycamore Street Press.


This tshirt also tells it like it is. If I could drum, I’d be wearing one every single time I sat down to play. Bamboo fabric and solvent free ink make it the green choice for snarky drummers everywhere.

Becky’s Picks:

Oh, April Fool’s Day! I love a holiday dedicated to jokes. What better way to get your pun on than with some Earth-friendly goodies? But enough about my love of the mighty pun. On to my April Fool’s Day picks!

Check out this hilarious tote from tremundo!


It’s made from a puntastic upcycled t-shirt, and she hand-dyed the cotton liner as well!

My next pick is this amazing Nude Dude Sweater Blanket from Fat tabby Woolens. The reveal just kills me! Here’s a picture of it innocently bunched up on a chair:


But when it’s all spread out, this sweet-looking blankie tells a whole different tale:


From the listing: “What’s that pretty pile of soft Springtime color? A sweet, snuggly blanket, with a heart on?
NO!!! It’s a mostly-naked dude! (He is wearing a blue vest and some wild socks…he is otherwise naked. See it?)

And really, what April Fool’s Day roundup would be complete without a good old pair of funny nose and glasses? I’m in love with this vintage set from Pure Alto Jen.


She suggests you can use this to dress up anything from your kiddo to a jar of pickles, and I have to say I agree. I’ve got a stuffed octopus that could certainly benefit from a little Groucho Marx treatment!

Lori’s picks:

I love the sort of thing that makes you do a double-take. A quiet giggle, a bit of wonder, a little fantasy caught only by those who are really paying attention. While I know they say it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature, these amazingly life-like Etsy finds are not only the sort of thing that makes you look twice, but they should also keep Mother Earth happy as they are all eco-friendly!

First up is this absolutely adorable “moss” barette from Etsy seller Ottoman.


Next, for all those “Fools for Love” who might be getting married soon, there’s a gorgeous pair of handcarved “bark” rings that look just like the real thing! Amazing!


And last, but oh-so-certainly-not-least, these amazing floral bouquets by debashri. What? You don’t understand why I’m including flowers?? HA! Gotcha. Look again. No really, look again. They’re handmade out of CLAY. Yep, I said Clay.

Ok, so Mother Nature might just be getting a wee bit jealous about that last one…

About the contributors: You’ve heard of Superbad? Well now, it’s time to learn about SuperCute!  SuperCute is a collaboration between three independent artists who believe that a kinder, happier, sustainable world is possible with just a little optimism and a whole lot of cuteness. 

Lorigami is a self-employed artist and crafter living in a tiny house in Atlanta with her husband and entirely too many cats. When she’s not working on a renovation project, she likes to make pretty things out of vintage, found and recycled materials.

Lizerati makes makes beautiful art pendants using found objects. She’s currently living in Atlanta, GA where she loves the craft scene but hates the deadly heat of the summer.  Becky Striepe of

Glue&Glitter loves turning found and vintage materials into something cute and new. She hopes that the things she makes help folks see that reducing their ecological footprints is not just possible but fun!

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