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Magical Gemstone Collection

I am fascinated by other people’s collections. I’m not much of a collector myself, I do dabble a bit, but there’s something about the dedication one gives to their collection. I recently came across these beautiful photos by balanced.crafts of a mineral geode collection and I just had to share.

Monday Morning Inspiration

Here’s some inspiration for you while you drink your Monday morning cup of coffee. Drink it in, my friends. Drink it in.

The Swan Princess and the Owl

A couple of months ago I told you about the pink flamingo challenge. Well, the deadline of July 19th is fast approaching, so I got down to work the other night. I’m still trying to work out how to make the one look like owls–I’m not a fan of flamingos and you all know I … read more

True Love Always Wins

Today marks the day that same sex couples can obtain a marriage license in my state. I was happy to be able to join in the celebration for the very first couple to take advantage of that new found freedom. I hope we, myself and about 100 other assembled people, helped to make their day … read more

Look at What I Made – DIY Etched Glass and Stained Glass Containers

I’m back at work today after my birthday vacation last week. Actually I was back to work over the weekend trying to get caught up. Vacation is fun and all, but not the getting behind on work part… While I was on vacation, Organic Authority shared a post I wrote for them that I thought … read more

It’s a pink plastic flamingo art challenge

{via pinterest} One of  my friends gave me and a few other crafty friends some plastic flamingos that she wants us to decorate for her yard.  The sky’s the limit, she gave us no parameters for this project at all, and much like a contestant on Project Runway I’m feeling the pressure. One idea I … read more

Sometimes it’s so pretty, it hurts

Sometimes I am just knocked over by the creativity of people. I mean, seriously, it’s ridiculous. I was perusing the vendor list for the Art Star Craft Bazaar, because I am going there on Saturday and I do like to have a plan of attack for these things. (I was also scoping out some early … read more


I was cruising around flickr–one of my fave things to do–when I came across the latest artwork by goshdarnknit (artist Rania Hassan). Rania is a mixed media fiber artist who combines knitting and painting in her work. Here are some pieces from her latest exhibition. I am smitten.

What you might not know about Mad Men

I’m sure you are aware that Mad Men Season 6 premiered on Sunday night. What you might not be aware of though is that there’s quite a few Mad Men paper doll sets on the Internet. There’s actually quite a lot–don’t ask how I know this. Click on the images to go to the originals. … read more



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