harbingers of spring


Even though spring in my part of the world has been really wonky this year (I’m on the east coast of  the US and it’s been much colder and more rainy than normal), I am finally starting to see some harbingers of spring. Bunnies, robins, bumble bees, gardens in the works and plenty of bikes on the road. Hopefully, this trend will continue and it won’t end up snowing next week!

Here are some harbingers of spring from the Indie Fixx Spring Galleria!

  1. Rabbet
  2. Arcane Arts
  3. Stacy Kathryn
  4. Wabisabi Green
  5. Kim’s Crafty Apple
  6. My Little Chickadee Creations
  7. Red Bird Crafts
  8. Miss Malaprop