Mama needs a new coat and Christian Siriano says it’s okay!


I need a new coat and I’m really quite taken with the designs by De Novo. And if that’s not enough,  I heard Christian Siriano earlier this week on NPR’s Tell Me More say that a coat is the piece to splurge on for your wardrobe. They tend to be less trendy & you usually keep them longer than regular clothes, so why not buy something that you’d love to show off? That’s what I am asking myself right now…



  1. I really like the blue coat in the bottom left of the second layout. It is such a pretty color. Also, I think that Christian Siriano is absolutely right, coats are like diamonds-forever (well ok, at least a few good years).

  2. great picks!! i am especially digging the patterned one in the upper right of the first layout.

    what a statement!

    …and if christian siriano says it’s okay…


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