Feed Your Soul: the free art project – March Round 3!


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About Sarah Parrott – Sarah is the designer & printer behind things are better with a parrott and Parrott Design Studio. Growing up in Portland, ME, she has always had an affinity for the ocean, mountains, birds, gardening, & the simple life. Now living in Providence, RI, she spends her days as an event planner for a local non-profit & her nights & weekends designing & printing stationery for her shop & custom invitations for weddings & events. You can read learn more on her blog.

1. How do you describe your work?

My stationery & invitations consist of simple, beautiful imagery in delightfully bright hues paired with fresh fonts.

2. What are your inspirations in your art and life?

I am inspired by the small, simple things in my life.  Birds chirping in the morning, afternoon sunshine in my studio, a perfect cup of coffee, a leisurely walk outside with my pup, planting a garden & watching it grown with my fiance.  All of these things inspire my life, my art, & truly feed my soul.

Download Sarah Parrott’s Feed Your Soul contribution HERE!


About Elsa Mora You may be more familiar with Elsa’s nickname, Elsita, that’s the name of her Etsy shop too. Elsita does a little bit of everything: illustration, painting, ceramics, doll-making, sculpture, the most awesome papercuts & jewelry making. You can see more of Elsita’s work on her blog, her papercuttign blog and on her flickr page.

1. How do you describe your work?

I don’t really know, I work in a variety of media and mediums, so visually it is hard for me to define all in a few words. I would say that my work is something that is always changing, just like me. I think that what we create is always a reflection of our changes.

2. What are your inspirations in your art and life?

Anything that calls my attention, especially something that is new to me, something that I have never heard or seen before. I am always curious about anything that is interesting and I find almost anything interesting, from people to objects, music, anything that I can capture through five my senses.

3. What do you do to help feed your soul?

 Finding and doing things to keep myself motivated: researching, watching great movies, creating things with my hands, observing people, taking a break to notice things around me. I just try to make my life exciting so I can feel motivated when I wake up every morning.

Download Elsita’s Feed Your Soul contribution HERE!