DIY Faux Feather Mobile to Decorate Your Space

Make a diy faux feather mobile.I recently came across a post for a Faux Feather Mobile and decided to give it a try when I realized I had all the supplies on hand–especially a ton of plastic sheet protectors that I had no idea with what to do. I don’t know the provenance of the sheet protectors–they can’t have been leftover from college because that was a long time ago–but I have no memory of buying them. On the other hand, it is entirely possible that I sleepwalk purchase art supplies. In addition to the sheet protectors, I also had the embroidery hoop and yarn on hand.

My finished product varies from the original project that I used as inspiration. I used some el cheapo gloss enamel paint. The original called for a specific kind of transparent gloss transparent product that I couldn’t find after visiting two different arts and crafts store. And two stops looking for something is definitely my limit. That means my mobile didn’t end up as translucent as the original mobile, but I am really okay with that. I like mine better.

I will say that if I make this again, I would probably elect to use a stiffer plastic product, but then what would I do with all those plastic sheet protectors? I still have about 50 of them as it is!

Make a diy faux feather mobile.

The whole process took several hours. I started the feathers the night before so the 3Dpaint I used could fully dry. The package claimed there was only a 5-hour drying time, but I wanted to be safe. Of course, leaving a painting project unattended meant that a cat(s) walked all over the feathers and tracked paint onto the kitchen floor. Luckily the stuff I bought washed up easily enough! Crafts with cats can be quite difficult. You can see the 3D feather outlines in this photo.  Make a diy faux feather mobile.

You can see the original stained glass faux feather mobile here. I am calling mine a “Faux Father Stained Glass-like Mobile” and I am actually very pleased with it. I love everything handmade and it fits in wonderfully in my bedroom. Faux Feather Mobile




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  1. Very nice! I’m going to try a version of the mobile. I also have tons of plastic sheet protectors!

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