Indie Fixx is a lifestyle blog with a very healthy mix of indie design love, crafting and diy, some gardening and cooking mixed in with plenty of commentary and a healthy dose of joie de vivre. Indie Fixx had its roots as just an indie design blog, but has morphed into more than just a review of independent art & design. Plenty of that still goes on, but man can’t live on design alone (although one can try) and so the focus has shifted to include more aspects of living a well-rounded life—cooking, eating, creating, gardening, playing, loving, discovering, learning, meeting, sharing & more.

Jen Wallace is the editor behind Indie Fixx and her goal is to share her indie life with you in the hope that it will inspire, entertain and inform you.


Jen lives in a college town with Mr. Indie Fixx, Indie Fixx Jr., and their two cats (Isabella & Pandora). She has a background in archival & museum curatorship and has also worked at a reference desk in busy public library, but she left all that behind to write full-time.

She likes the color purple, woodland creatures (especially foxes), the beach, coloring books, Charles Bukowski, surf music, lazy summer afternoons, thunderstorms, not taking one’s self too seriously, cooking, visiting museums, playing board games, cool music, walks in the woods, mr. indie fixx, taking pictures, watching films, being crafty, writing, cooking & baking, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, drinking sangria on the deck, Tom Robbins, being in the moment, autodidactism & more.


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