12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping: Red Ruby Rose




Today for the ‘12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping’ I am featuring the clutches of Red Ruby Rose.  Designed and created by Rowena Dugdale, a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art where she studied textiles.

Rowena creates her visually stunning clutches from a mix of textiles she creates as well as contemporary & vintage fabrics.  Each one is lined in silk and the designs are limited edition, but custom orders are possible.I am such a big fan of Red Ruby Rose clutches, they remind me of old Hollywood glam and a time when ladies wore evening gloves. I  certainly have never worn evening gloves, but I would love to carry one of Rowena’s clutches!I’m a little jealous to share that one of you lucky ducks can win your very own Red Ruby Rose Clutch (maximum value $75, plus free worldwide shipping)!

To win: Leave a comment below with your favorite Red Ruby Rose designs. Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a comment for each entry. This will increase your chances for winning!

I will choose one random commenter to win the prize. This contest ends Tuesday, November 25th at 5pm EST.

THE ENTRY PERIOD FOR THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED! Stay tuned for the winner. Click here to enter the current ‘12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping’ Contest.



***Congrats to Mariessa from Boston who won the Laurel Denise necklace & Jennifer from Texas who won the Whitney Smith Bird Bowl. Stay tuned for more winner annocuncements.


  1. I like the “Fern and Fronds” Silk Lined
    Clutch Bag is a perfect color and design for Fall. Thanks, Cindi

  2. I can’t believe I just made it with this giveaway…under the wire by like 20 minutes.

    Anyway, my third favorite is the Fern and fronds. Something about the rich brown fabrics would look so nice with my wardrobe.

    Thanks so much!

  3. I’m definitely bookmarking this site for my Christmas wish list. Maybe my hubby will reward me for surviving the first 7 months of new motherhood. I also like the Aqua pods.

  4. My sister would enjoy the “Peony- Silk Lined Clutch Bag! Please enter me in this marvelous giveaway drawing! Thanks, Cindi

  5. Hi, The “Silk Starburst” is a lovely color and very nature-oriented looking. I really like this design! Thanks, Cindi

  6. So hard to pick a favorite! Probably the Pink Chrysanthemum…it’s all sorts of fabulous. Thanks for pointing us toward this beautiful shop!

  7. It keeps getting better! The Polaroid pod is retro-cool but sophisticated enough to take to the opera (at least in my world).

  8. I also like the Ethereal flower clutch — it reminds me of those photo paper kits I got at science shops when I was growing up.

  9. I’m going to stop here because I feel like I could go on all day. But on the wing is so funky – I love it! Again, that colour combination is a favourite of mine.

  10. The House Plans clutch would be great for an architect friend of mine. Oh, I just want them all.
    Anna S.

  11. The “red ruby rose original” with the big red rose is also very beautiful. Come on, you can’t just choose one favorite, when there are so many lovely ones.
    Anna S.

  12. And finally I love Bamboo! Like I said before the red,white,black color combo is really great.

    All of these bags are splendid

  13. I love the Red Ruby Rose original bag. People can’t help but notive you when you’ve got that eye-popping red clutch.

  14. The sparkle pod clutch has a great graphic- it looks like it could be a jellyfish, a sparkler, or dandelion fluff.

  15. I have about seven favorites…or eight. I just can’t choose!
    She makes some beautiful clutches.

    I love the Blueprint – silk-lined clutch bag.

  16. The Pink Chrysanthemum is just beautiful as well. I really have been longing for one of these bags.
    Anna S.

  17. Too many to choose from! I’m torn between Lily of the Valley and Aqua Pods. I would love to have this for my holiday parties.

  18. Ok so, everytime I look at her etsy site I see a new fav! I think the Poppy central clutch was actually made with me in mind:) It is so vibrant, so glam, and so me!

  19. Definently love “On the Wing”. The shape of a clutch as always seemed very formal to me, and combining it with a fabric that fun is fantastic. If only I were a bigger fan of pink.

  20. They’re all fantastic … but I’m partial to her Starburst petals silk-lined clutch bag … love the graphic outside and bright inside.

  21. wow, these clutches are all absolutely beautiful! i think i actually featured them on my blog a while ago 🙂
    i love the twig and blossom one 🙂

  22. Two swans – A Red Ruby Rose original silk-lined clutch bag is such a beautiful piece of work! Marvelous.

  23. Whoa. They’re all so pretty!
    I couldn’t pick just one favorite so I’m going for two designs: Red trees and Bird on a wire.

  24. These are all so incredibly beautiful that it’s hard to choose just one! But after much thought, I’d say the Ruby Rose Original is probably my favorite. (I really want them all)!

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