Want to win this stunning necklace from Megan Auman?


I’m doing a special contest for the unveiling of the Fall Jewelry Guide and Megan Auman, one of the featured designers, has donated one of her Silver on Steel Pendant Necklaces. Megan creates beautiful sculptural jewelry from steel and sterling silver.

To win it, visit the Fall Jewelry Guide and find the link to Megan Auman’s shop. Browse her wonderful jewelry designs, pick your favorite and leave a comment with the name of your favorite in the comments for this post.

The contest will end September 11th at 11pm EST. I will pick one random commenter to win the Silver on Steel Pendant Necklace picturedΒ  above and notify the winner by the 12th.



  1. These are fantastic – how could I pick just one fave? I love the simple, sort of industrial yet elegant design (kinda like Rosie the Riveter meets Grace Kelley…). Gotta pick the small ring with silver droplets pendant, if I had to choose just one.

  2. They’re gorgeous. I like the one you picked for the contest, but I think my favorite is “medium fine silver on steel pendant:

  3. My favorite is her “small flower earrings” for their simplicity, but everything is stunning. Hard to have a favorite, really.

  4. I love her double drop flower earrings. I love how it’s like a simple line drawing, sorta minimalist, but you can clearly tell what they are.

  5. Wow, hard to decide on a favorite. It would be cool to have a set of 5 silver on steel bracelets.

  6. how stunning! thanks so much for posting this! her pieces are so minimal and striking and super-lovely . . . i adore all of the link-leaf pieces, especially the pendant.

  7. My favourite is definitely the fine silver on steel bracelets, though that pendant is mighty fine too.

  8. I love Megan’s work and have to say that my favorite is actually the Large Fine Silver on Steel Pendant. I can also say first hand that her work is every bit as beautiful in person as it looks online!

  9. The fine silver on steel bracelets. The other work is lovely, but the water drop-like effect makes the bracelets just stunning.

    (I’m so glad the Craft blog linked here! I’m really enjoying the jewelry guide.)

  10. I love the whole silver on steel line. Is it silly to say that my favorite is the pendant shown on this page? The bracelets are a close second. Beautiful.

  11. I really love the design of all of her earrings; unfortunately I do not have my ears pierced. My favorites by far are the Fine Silver on Steel bracelets. Love!

  12. I love Megan Auman’s Fine Silver on Steel Collection. It is such a beautiful and harmonious contrast. From the collection, I would choose the bracelets. I’d wear 7 together – for good fortune!

  13. What a talented artist! I love the silver on steel bracelets. They look great individually or layered.

  14. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I really like the “small steel leaf earings”. I’ve never worn steel jewelry before but they’re beautiful!

  15. WOW! Such cool stuff! My fave, if I MUST pick just one, is Large Oval Silver on Steel Earrings….I have really short hair and those would look awesome….I really love the bracelets too though!

  16. I love Megan’s Large Fine Silver on Steel Pendant. Her silver on steel series looks like early morning dew drops on a fall branch.

  17. My favorite is the matching bracelets. They’re subtle, organic, industrial and pretty all at the same time. I think a lot of people are going to want pieces from that collection.

  18. i like the silver and steel rings the best, mostly because i don’t wear much jewelry so i like basics like a simple ring.

  19. I love Large Fine Silver on Steel Pendant because of how organic it is. It reminds me of tree branches after a rainstorm.

  20. The fine silver on steel bracelets are amazing – especially when stacked. But I do love the linked leaf necklace too.

  21. Wow, I love the fine silver on steel bracelets. What an amazing technique, and what a good eye she has!

  22. What a fun contest! I absolutely love Megan Auman’s work. The Fine Silver on Steel Bracelet is one of my favorites, because I love the contrast of the blackened steel with the shining fine silver. They catch the light well and look like beautiful branches. I also love her Linked Leaf necklaces…beautiful chains, specifically made for the necklace, and it hangs wonderfully!

  23. well, i love all of it! i can’t wait to see her work in person at second storie where i will be a fellow vendor. if i HAD to choose, though, i would love a stack of her silver on steel rings. gorgeous!!!!!

  24. I really like Megan’s designs, they are naturalistic but definitely modern. My favorites are the Fine Silver on Steel Rings.

  25. Wow, that was hard. My absolute favorite is Megan Auman’s Silver and Steel Bracelets. (Although, I liked the mahogany earrings to, but yep, the bracelets won out.)

  26. Oooooo! Love the “fine silver on steel bracelets”–very unique! Good for fidgeting–my fingers would play with those little silver bumps all day long.

  27. If I had to choose just one, I could see the rosemary necklance from Prismera being one of my facorite peices. Its so simple and elegant…

  28. I have been admiring the silver on steel bracelets for a while… and dropping many hints around the house. I love the look and hope to be wearing them some day. Great design: could be spring buds, raindrops, dew,…

  29. I love the fine silver on steel bracelets SO MUCH because they are so unique! And I normally don’t even look or wear bracelets! I’m such a sucker for different handmade items.

  30. so hard to choose! i ADORE the large steel leaf earrings and the extra large fine silver on steel earrings… but i honestly love all her things. they’re so unique!

  31. If I have to just pick one, I would have to say that I love the linked leaf pendant. So pretty! She is a very talented artist!!

  32. WoW! make me pick just one? That’s cruel. I love them all, but I would LOVE the steel earrings with the fused droplets, especially any of the ones with the unusual shaped ear wires other than the usual french wire shape.

  33. The Extra Large Fine Silver on Steel Earrings are gorgeous! I love big hoop earings and the mixture of silver and steel really makes a great statement.

  34. I love all of the fine silver on steel pieces… but my favorite is the set fine silver on steel bracelets. They remind me of dew drops on the guard rail while waiting for the school bus. Very first day of school!

  35. I make some jewelry too, and I love
    looking a other jewelry artist work.
    I’ve never seen work like this. I love
    and appreciate all of Megan’S jewelry,
    but my favorite is the FINE SILVER on STEEL BRACELETS.

  36. all of megan’s jewelry and sculpture is beautiful but i love the three petal flower earrings the most.

  37. my two favorites (in order of preference, since i couldn’t pick just one!) are:
    1. fine silver on steel bracelets
    2. three petal flower earrings
    megan auman’s pieces are exquisite!

  38. it’s really hard to pick a fave but i would say the fine silver on steel bracelets. they kinda remind me of rings around a planet! these are so awesome!

  39. All of it is beautiful! I love the Fine Silver on Steel set of 5 or 2 bracelets, Small Fine Silver on Steel Earrings, and the Medium Fine Silver on Steel Pendant.

  40. Oh my! I generally do not wear jewelry, however, Megan’s designs are so simple and understated. I could definitely wear these!

  41. WOW! I love the Fine Silver on Steel Set of 5 Bracelets. I love love love love it! All of the stuff is mahvelous.

  42. “Three petal flower earrings”

    Those earrings are 10 pounds of cute in a 5 pound bag. So Fabulous….

  43. My favorite is the fine silver on steel bangle – I love the way the silver stands out against the steel!

  44. I think the necklace that is up for giveaway is her loveliest piece. I’m a sucker for all the thin circle jewelry that is popular right now and the silver drops lends a very feminine touch. Beautiful!

  45. I just loved the Fine Silver on Steel Bracelets. A couple together would look super. Very hard to pick this favorite as everything is so great. Simple yet stunning. Love so many of her things.

  46. Ooh, I love this work. Hard to pick a favorite, but the silver on steel bangle bracelets are peachy (as is the necklace I hope I win!). Thanks!

  47. Finally! A unique jewelry designer not following the trends! So refreshing. I’m not a big jewlery perosn (other than unique vintage pieces) but Megan’s jewelry pieces are the kind I can enjoy just looking at and studying! They are each works of art in themselves, yet appear so simple in design.
    My favorite choice was a toss-up between the “long multipe links leaf necklace” and the “silver on steel pendant”. I love silver so the silver on steel pendant is a keeper, but I have to say the “long multiple links leaf pendant” is my ultimate favorite. It could be worn dressy or with jeans- very versatile for day or night! Love her work!

  48. LOVE LOVE LOVE the linked leaf necklace! So simple and elegant. You can wear it dressy or casual. Did you check out who hearts her? A lot of people!

  49. I Megan’s fine silver on steel bracelets. The reason being is it reminds me of rain droplets and I don’t see too much rain out here in sunny Colorado. We get sun, we get snow! But also I work in retail and I just know the ladies would adore those bracelets on my wrist! πŸ˜‰

  50. I love Megan’s long multiple links leaf necklace. She is one of my favorite sellers on Etsy and one day I hope to own the necklace.She is so talented and original and her blog is sweet

  51. My favorite is the Medium Flower in Circle Earrings…its wonderful how she uses such a harsh and strong material to portray delicate and dainty flowers!

  52. I love the fine silver on steel bracelets, they really look like a a bit of nature that has been immortalized in metal. Really beautiful, love the necklace as well.

  53. I added the fine silver on steel bracelets to my favorite list on etsy some time ago (so beautiful!!!), but I also love the double drop flower earrings. Megan’s jewelry is just gorgeous.

  54. it was hard to choose a favourite piece – they were all amazing. i loved the large steel leaf earrings. definitely my style! still, the silver on steel designs capture my heart because they remind me of the willow tree i used to play under when i was a kid.

  55. My favorite Megan Auman creation is the Large Fine Silver on Steel Necklace. Thank you so much for this contest!

  56. Megan makes such gorgeous things! I love that they are nature-inspired. My fave pieces are the 3-petal flower earrings. Delicate and beautiful.

  57. I am particularly drawn to the small steel and silver hoops. I am not much of a flower girl, and though the technique is amazing on all of them, these hoops are the cream of the crop. they look “simple” but i imagine are anything but, in terms of process and work. Better than the hoop is the amazing long, thin earring section. extremely funky and yet elegant at the same time.

  58. these are the most unique pieces i’ve seen all year. i’m in love.

    …especially with the long leaf necklace. gorgeous!

  59. Hello! Megan’s jewelry is so simple… but so elegant! My favorite piece is her flower in circle earrings with the connected circles.

  60. oooh love the Fine Silver on Steel Rings Set of 3 πŸ™‚ i’m a big fan of rings and these would be so awesome for my collection ^^

  61. I absolutely adore the large steel leaf earrings. Then again the double drop flower earrings are too cute.

    Ahh! I can’t make up my mind!

  62. Love the contrast of the steel with the silver droplets – My favorite is the large silver on steel pendant.

  63. Wow… If I had to pick a favorite, I’d have to go with the leaf earrings! They’d go with everything! My absolute favorite thing on her site has to be the wall panels, though. They’re awesome.

  64. Her jewelry is so original. Since I have long hair, I’ll have to pick Large Fine Silver on Steel Earrings
    as my faves, but I also like the large flower in circle earrings.

  65. gosh, I love all of the silver-on-steel pieces, but since I’m someone who fidgets with whatever jewlery I’m wearing, I think I like the pendant necklace the best. I love jewelery that looks like a little piece of nature, and this line totally captures that for me.

  66. The “Linked Leaf Necklace” is me.
    Fell in love with it when I first seen it. It “speaks volumes”, think of all the compliments you will receive. I have not seen any jewlery made like this before and it really stands out.

  67. It is SO hard to chose, but I must say I do love the Double Drop Earrings as well (though the Long Multiple Links Leaf necklace is a very close second).

  68. I really enjoyed the bracelets, especially multiple together; but my absolute favourite would be the Double Drop Flower earings. They are beautiful and unique. I really love the look of the silver dripping off of the steel from the bracelets.

    Ok, changed my mind!! The bracelets, steel with silver droplets………I adore those.

  69. I really liked the short linked leaf necklace the best I think, although there were several pieces that I wouldn’t mind getting for myself.

  70. thanks i like the Medium Oval Silver on Steel Earrings the most. She has beautiful jewelry so it’s hard to decide.

  71. Megan’s work is so gorgeous – the silver on steel bracelets are my favorite! I can imagine how lovely they sound as they jingle together, the contrast of materials and function = femininity with an edge! Way to go, Megan!

  72. Wow. It is hard to pick just one piece!

    If pressed, Iw oudl have to say “fine silver on steel bracelets”. The 2 elements combined are a wonderful expression of duality – light to dark, rough to refined – it just really grabbed me. Thanks for the link to this artist, I will certainly keep her in mind for a few gifts I have coming up!

  73. Wow. These are fantastic. Pick only one favorite — that’s hard. I love all the flower designs. The smaller earrings are what I usually wear, but which would I like best? Flower in a circle earrings? Three petal flower earrings? Or linked leaf earrings? Or even the pillow earrings that look like flowers?

    OK, just one. What I would pick to wear tomorrow. That has to be the tiny flower in a circle earrings. (Gosh, this is hard. I like the others, too. OK, we’ll go with that one choice.)


  74. It’s all really cool jewelry, but I think my favorite piece is the linked leaf pendant! I love it!

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