Feed Your Soul: the free art project download from Kim Haller

Happy Monday, my dear readers!  I had a fantastic weekend, which I took off completely….no worky-work at all! Every once in a while we all need to do that. We did have friends over on Sat, but that was fun and not work at all, even though I did cook for everyone. And Sunday, I just hung out with Mr. Indie Fixx. We went out to dinner to our favorite place and then the used bookstore where neither of us could resist making some purchases. I got a Philip K. Dick novel, Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said; The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides & Paper Moon, the book the movie was based on.  Mr. Indie Fixx got some sci-fi paperbacks.

Anyway, today is a glorious day and I’m happy to be sharing the very latest Feed Your Soul: the free art project download from artist Kim Haller of kil sook.



Kim Haller – Kim is the mixed media artist behind kil sook. Currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, much of her work is influenced and inspired by being a Korean adoptee, the many floating phrases that pop into her head, the funny things that her kids say and do, retro patterns, textures, crazy childhood stories, piles of collected stuff, and an incurable obsession with candy and being warm. She sells prints of her work, which can be found on her Etsy shop, as well as welcomes inquiries on custom pieces.

Download Kim’s print HERE!


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