A Peek Inside: indie home tours with Christine Martinez of LAMA


I have a A Peek Inside: indie home tours treat for you today…Christine Martinez opens up her lovely home for us! Christine is the proprietress of LAMA, an amazing online boutique showcasing Latin American artists and designers, Latino artists in the US and others who find inspiration for their work from the Latin American world. As a lover of Latin American arts, culture and design, LAMA is a veritable smorgasbord of eye candy for me—I especially love the homewares and decor goodies. yum!

After gawking at the LAMA wares for some time now, I finally realized that most of the beautiful pictures are taken in Christine’s own home. My interest was piqued and I wanted more! Of course, I figured you would too. Take a look below and learn more about Christine’s home and decorating style in my interview with her. Please enjoy and tell us what you think!

Christine has also very generously shared a coupon code good over at LAMA. Use the code INDIEFIXX, which is good for 15% off all purchases above $20…until July 12th. Hmm, I’m off to take a look!

1. How would you describe your decorating style?

I would describe my decorating style as having its foundation in my love for all that is mid century modern accessorized with objects that reflect my admiration for independent artists and designers. Although I studied interior design and all its formalities, I’ve never been one to take decorating seriously and I think my home reflects that. I love incorporating bold and bright tones wherever I can and choosing items that have interesting shapes and lines. I believe that above everything, a home should be thoughtful and everything in it should be able to tell a little bit about who you are as a person. That’s something I’ve always tried to keep in mind when decorating the places I’ve lived. I think if you walked into my home, you would know that I’m a very quirky person.

2. Tell us about your home. Is it an apartment or house. Is it newer or a refurbished older home? Did you completely redo it or just add some new paint?

We live on the first floor of a large, refurbished craftsman style home with two units above us. The home was purchased by our landlord a few years ago; it was in serious need of a tremendous amount of work to restore its beauty. It was a major undertaking but he was able to save most of the original elements that make this home a true craftsman. I never get tired of admiring all the great built-ins and the details in the original wood floors. This home has some of the best bones I’ve ever seen.

3. Pick a few of your treasures and share what’s the special to you.

That’s a tough question because I truly treasure everything around me but if I had to choose, I would say the Hayward-Wakefield side tables I purchased in the saddest state ever and the incredible platform bed my boyfriend built for us. They’re so special to me because they remind me that we’ve never needed a lot of money to surround ourselves with beautiful things. All we ever needed was the willingness to put the time and effort into what we value and appreciate.

4. Do you consider your home ‘done’? Or do you consider add and take away and rearrange?

I wonder if I’ll ever live in a home I consider “done.” It seems impossible to me as I’m always on the lookout for something new to add. Of course, that leads to a lot of rearranging because I’m someone who has difficulty parting with things. I take breaks here and there from changing things up, but “done?” Never!

5. What’s your favorite room and why?

I LOVE my living room! It’s so big and perfect for entertaining. We can have a bunch of friends or family members over at the same time and everyone is comfortable. Everyone has a place to sit and relax. I love that. Seeing so many people comfortable in my home makes me smile.



  1. What an amazing home – I’ve completely fallen in love with all the sunshiney yellows and mustards…and wish that my own house had quite such beautiful ‘bones’ to work with. Sigh.

  2. i’m packing my bags! when can i move in? i can clean and bake!
    really, though, i’m going to be working on a studio space…..i’ll have to let you know…and take some photos of the rest of our place:)

  3. love all the color (blue,yellow espec) in the house-makes everything look clean against the white-very very ultra cool yellow seat-love all the vintage looking pieces & wish I had them!

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