Magical Mushrooms

I have no idea what any of these pretties are, but here are some mushroom pics I’ve been meaning to share for some time. They are from a walk in the woods the mister and I took (a long time ago) on a hot and humid day during which we must have come across about 30 different types of mushrooms. Don’t worry, we didn’t eat any! Made me want to learn mushroom identification though.

IMG_0538 IMG_0548 IMG_0553 IMG_0661 IMG_0675 IMG_0700 IMG_0720 IMG_0740 IMG_0755

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  1. oh yes! i love a wooded mushroom walk and have too become hooked on identification. we have a laminated portfolio guide that fits in our adventure bag. i keep meaning to do prints but haven;t put together a kit just yet. yay for mushroom walks. you saw some really pretty ones too!

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