Inspiration at Shop Terrain

Big terrarium at terrain.

Yesterday, I went to Terrain with one of my friends. It’s been a busy and emotional couple of months for me–what with Grandmom passing away and Indie Fixx Jr. graduating college and moving out–and I needed a girls’ day out. Lucky for me, I have a good friend who remembered I wanted to visit Terrain in Glen Mills, PA. Also lucky for me, we only live about 1/2 hour away.

For those who aren’t aware, Terrain is a home & garden and you store to die for.  There are two locations (PA and CT), as well as an online retail store. Both locations have restaurants and are popular spots for special events. It is a place that one should leave your wallet at home though and just visit for inspiration! I’m going to say it–most things are ridiculously expensive and can be purchased elsewhere for less or even reproduced. Some items are unique and worth the money though…you do have to be a savvy shopper there.

We had lunch at Styer’s Cafe, which is onsite, and which is also pricey but very much worth it. Good, quality, rustic cafe fare. I approve.

I was having a very bad allergy day–nature sometimes hates me–so we didn’t tour the outside grounds and nursery as much as I would have liked. Of course, that means we will have to go back when I am feeling better!

One takeaway from our visit, I think I have been finally inspired to create my own terrarium. This summer, I now have a goal of completing my own gorgeous terrarium. I already have a shell I want to add to it that Indie Fixx Jr. recently gave to me. And maybe I will get a pet snail.

Great merchandising at Terrain.

Row of succulents at Terrain.

Mason jar and flowers on table at Terrain.

Foreaging and cooking books at Terrain.

Up close looking at moss

Window shopping At Terrain

Supplies for terrarium making at Terrain.

Eye candy at Terrain.

Reusables at Terrain.

While at Terrain.

Books at terrain.

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