Booze Poached Strawberries


I bought a quart of the very first strawberries of the season today and I decided to poach some of them since they are already going a little soft. What do you did when life gives you too much fresh fruit? Why you poach it in booze, my friends!

I poached half the strawberries and the rest of some non-local organic cherries in St. Germain’s elderflower liquor, vanilla, cardamom and a simple syrup of local honey and water until they were soft. We will eat them still slightly warm tonight after dinner. I will also be serving some local Haruki turnips and greens and foraged ramps alongside the mister’s honey glazed chicken and my tofu.



  1. That is a great idea! Sounds like a wonderful dessert. Can’t wait to start buying more fresh fruit with the summer months.

    The only thing I’ve ever infused is tequila with adding hot peppers to it and making spicy margaritas. You put cinnamon and sugar on the rim…so delicious.

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