When a garden is more than a garden

Even though I’m not having my own garden this season, my mind always turns to gardening this time of year. That’s probably why when I was recently catching up with my Facebook feed, this link about some of the coolest guerrilla gardens (sorry I don’t remember who shared it) jumped out at me.

Guerrilla gardening, for those who might not know, is simply gardening on land that one does not own or have the rights to utilize. It can range from communities using vacant lots for food production in the city, “planting” seed bombs, appropriating that government-owned field that’s next to your house and more. It’s goal can also range from making a political statement, an artistic endeavor, a way to put food on the table, to beautify a neighborhood and so much more.

I must say that I am a big fan of guerrilla gardening and thought I would share some images highlighting the fun of the practice. Just click the image for the credit.