African Violet

I can’t get behind Pantone’s Color of the Year at all this year. I do like their Spring 2013 Fashion Color Report though and especially the color African Violet. I am a long time lover of all kinds of purple, even if I don’t wear it all that often. African Violet can can come of as a little twee I think, but it doesn’t seem out of place this time of year when the crocuses are popping up and little ones are wearing their Easter bonnets.

If you are feeling this soft and sweet purple, here’s an outfit for you!

Shoes from Mohop | Dress from Anthropologie | Cardigan from J.Jill | Earrings from CaprichosaJewelry | Bag from Kinies


  1. I would have to agree on the Pantone color of the year but I am liking the purple shades! I just added a lavender color to one of my recent paintings and I really like it. It’s a bit of a new color for me but one I will definitely use more of.

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