Holiday inspiration and the world is not going to end

Well, today is a day of great anticipation. Not only is everyone anxiously awaiting tomorrow, because it’s the Friday before a long 4 day holiday break, but we are also waiting to see how the world will end for the Mayan Apocalypse. I’m pretty excited about the holiday. The cookies, presents, holiday punch and visiting family and friends, but I’m even more excited to get past December 21,2012, so I won’t ever have to hear about the Mayan Apocalypse again.

Here’s some holiday inspiration from flickr to help you while away the afternoon today. xoxo

by j.caron

by lilfishstudios

by craftapalooza

by [otchipotchi]

by Isabel Pavía

by buttonarcade

by ana ventura

by abbey*christine

by gathering spriggs

by d e b b i e

by [otchipotchi]

by *lalalaurie