Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments from Toilet Paper Tubes!

Last week, I was poking around my friend Kris’ Pinterest page and I cam across a pin that led me to this blog post. I had no idea what it said (it looks like it’s written in Spanish…I took French), but it’s clear that there was cuteness, there were  toilet paper tubes and there were owls.  I was all over this like a hipster in Anthropologie and started digging in the recycling bin for toilet paper tubes. My thought was that these would be awesome on my tree this holiday season!

I pulled out my gouache paints, some sharpies and metallic markers and got to work. Firstly, I painted the tubes with a very heavy gouache wash, which gives them a really nice textured look and makes it more difficult to tell they are TP  tubes.  After waiting for them to dry, I used sharpies and metallic markers to decorate the owls. I did decided to decorate them all the way around, since I will be hanging them on my Christmas tree.

Now, once I get a tree up, I will experiment to see if they need to be hung from bakers’ twine or if I can just nestle them in amongst the branches.

Another friend, Robert, wants me to use a paper towel tube to make a bunny. That’s on ma list.


  1. These are so cute! What a great idea. It always feels better to do crafts with things you already have around the house too, so this is perfect!

  2. It is spanish! She was trying to find some craft activity to make with children :)…
    Funny how pictures have a 1000 words, because you didn’t need to know spanish to make your cute owls.

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