Autumn glow and living in the moment

It’s that time of year again when you first notice the days are getting shorter. We all know that it happens gradually, but we don’t notice the change as it happens. Instead, we all of a sudden realize that it’s dark outside by 6:30 or so. It happens every year…without fail. It’s the same with the changing foliage. I make a point every year to notice the first beginnings of color to the leaves, but before I know it, it’s mid-October before I realize that the trees have changed their hue without me paying attention.

So, here is to being in the moment.  Let’s make a promise to each other to pay attention more and to appreciate the here and now. Let’s not get so caught up in living our lives that we forget pay attention to the living part, okay?Let’s slow down, pay attention and make every moment count as much as possible. Chores and work are always there, but moments in the sun are oh so fleeting.

When we need a reminder to slow down and to pay attention to the world around us, let’s recite this pledge and then go for a walk in the woods.

I solemnly swear that I am in the present and in this exact very moment.



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