Leather Jewelry Designs

Leather jewelry has become popular once again—and I don’t mean just leather snap wrist straps either, but everything from earrings, necklaces, pins and even rings. As a medium it’s actually got quite a lot of potential and I am nothing short of stunned by some of the designs out on the market.

You will find leather jewelry designs out there, no matter what your style is. You might guess that there’s quite a lot of urban designs available, but you can also find boho, tribal, chic or more twee designs as well. Leather can be funky or leather can be classy. It all depends on what the jewelry artist does with it.

Here are some out of the ordinary leather jewelry designs. I’m sure something will catch your eye.

Boo + Boo Factory

Based out of LA., Boo + Boo Factory creates bright and beautiful handmade leather jewelry. Creator Christina Aton is inspired by geometric forms found in science, nature and architecture, as well as by color. This leather ring and fringe necklace are perfect examples of what she offers her customers—bold, beautiful color!


Love At First Blush is just sexy. Sabrina Chin is the designer and she is draws upon her formal background in fashion design to create her leather cuffs, bracelets and statement accessories from her studio in Montreal. She is very much inspired by Japanese art, folklore, fashion illustrations and ink drawings. These gold-dipped Leather Feather Earrings are haute and I want them.

Freshly Given

Freshly Given creates more sweet designs—like these Leather Rosette Earrings. Freshly Given also uses only repurposed leather in their designs.


After studying Theatrical Costume, Fani Vogiatzi worked for several years in the fashion industry. Then she decided to start her jewelery shop and cal it Maslinda (maslinda means “prettier” in Portuguese). Her designs are funky and would equally appeal to those draw to boho or urban styles. Like this Fringe Necklace made from soft blue suede.

Daly Bird

Based out of Seattle, Daly Bird is a line of handmade leather jewelry. These Sunnys earrings are stunning, simple and oh so very chic. They are made from handcut and painted leather.


In the Biju Brill shop, you will find handmade leather and Swarovski crystal jewelry. Like this apple green, turquoise and chocolate brown Leather Bib Necklace.


Tangleweeds from Oakland, CA is a line of rustic and elegant handcrafted jewelry pieces. Designer Jeannine Komush uses leather combined with metals to create simple geometric shapes inspired by old barns, dry river beds, dragonfly wings, mason jars full of honey and other signs of the country.


  1. I LOVE the geometric shapes and bright colours of Boo & Boo factory. Thanks also for introducing me to the other artists, and all the different possibilities to make beautiful jewellery from leather. I am in the process of designing my textile jewellery collection and this has given me loads of inspiration! 🙂

    Katie. xxx

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