Rethinking wallpaper

I’m usually not a big wallpaper fan. I prefer the simplicity of paint on my walls, but after coming across an article on independent wallpaper designers, I started doing some poking around. What I found was astonishingly lovely and made me rethink my views on wallpaper. Maybe I still wouldn’t do a whole wall covered in wallpaper, but what about using some on accent walls, to decoupage furniture or even as pieces of art themselves? My wheels are turning and I’m looking towards our new house, which hopefully we will be buying in a year or so. Of course, I were to use wallpaper, I would want to choose some from indie designers.

Here are some delicious designs for you to drool over.


  1. Field Poppies by Amy Butler
  2. Treetops by Jocelyn Warner
  3. Peacock Jade by Judit Gueth
  4. Bali Stripe by Eskayel
  5. Currant Leaf by Neisha Crosland
  6. Christopher by Katie Deedy
  7. Garden Birds by Louise Body
  8. Analog Nights by Aimee Wilder
  9. Deer Damask by Barneby Gates


  1. what a great list – they are all SO beautiful…i always dream of putting up wallpaper in the house and then never do it…inspiration!

  2. that’s exactly what I’m thinking of Johanna. Just a splash of it, instead of a print over the whole wall, which I feel would be suffocating.

  3. i adore wallpapers! we’ve got wallpaper in almost every room and I’ll be moving soon so more wallpaper projects. yeay!

  4. That bird wall paper is going to haunt me until I get it! Could be cool framed out since I’m sure my landlord would have a fit if I did a whole wall in my studio 🙂

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