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Learn to make your own Holiday Crackers. Recipe for Vegetarian Chex Mix. Homemade snow globes. Holiday pom-pom garlands. Junkmail glitter snowflakes.

Clothespin and Ribbon Advent Calendar

Even though my kid is all grown up, we still put an advent calendar up. Sometimes, I get those chocolate filled ones from Trader Joe’s and Julia eats the chocolates, but usually I make one. This year, I decided to keep things simple. I painted some clothespins with Martha Stewart glitter paint and cut out … read more

There’s never too much glitter!

I’ve been having fun playing with glitter this week. I figured while I was making a mess and had glitter on my face, it made sense to get it out of my system. I’ve been saving these acorns since last year with the intention of glitter-fying them for tree ornaments. Well, color me accomplished.

Glitter Clothespin Ornaments

Last year I made my own handmade snowglobes and as a result I had leftover bottle brush trees and other miniatures that left me wondering what to do with them. Well, I came across a pin to this project and I thought that’s the perfect thing. I also had some off that great Martha glitter … read more

Glammed Up Holiday Houses

Inspired by this post, I made some little cardboard houses for under the tree. All the goods are  either recycled or were gifted to me (excluding a couple pieces of felt I purchased). The great holiday fabrics were sent to me from Creative Thursday and the sequins my friend Mary shared with me. Everything else … read more

DIY Paper Ornaments

Recently, the folks at French General sent me goodies to play with and I was just waiting for a rainy day and some inspiration to get started with them. That happened the other day.  As I have shared, I am on a bent to re-do my tree with all homemade decorations this year. I’m not … read more

Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments from Toilet Paper Tubes!

Last week, I was poking around my friend Kris’ Pinterest page and I cam across a pin that led me to this blog post. I had no idea what it said (it looks like it’s written in Spanish…I took French), but it’s clear that there was cuteness, there were  toilet paper tubes and there were … read more

Handmade Holidays: deck the halls

It’s time to deck the halls again and for those of you who (like me) still have not decorated (or have even thought yet about your plans for decorating) here are some ideas for hand-making your holidays! Home for the holidays tutorial from Retro Mama Ceramic disks with pressed flowers by [ otchipotchi ] On … read more

Handmade Holidays: Gingerbread Fig Cakes with Bow Decoration

I made this cake a few weeks ago to test it out for my holiday celebrations and it passed the test! It’s like gingerbread fig newton with icing…yum! The crystallized ginger bows add a little kick as well as make this cake adorably cute for holiday gatherings. Gingerbread Fig Cakes with Bow Decoration (adapted from … read more



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