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Glammed Up Holiday Houses

Inspired by this post, I made some little cardboard houses for under the tree. All the goods are  either recycled or were gifted to me (excluding a couple pieces of felt I purchased). The great holiday fabrics were sent to me from Creative Thursday and the sequins my friend Mary shared with me. Everything else … read more

How-to make infused sugars

If you haven’t yet read issue #3 of Joie, then you are missing out on some good stuff, including Jessica Wilson’s how-to on making infused sugars on page #28. Pretty and sweet, what more could you want? Read it here – page #28 read the rest of issue #3 of Joie

how to eat local in the middle of winter? sprouting!

homegrown mung bean sprouts It’s the middle of winter, temps are freezing and there’s less than 7 hours of daylight each day, but it’s still possible to eat fresh local green stuff everyday. “How?” you ask. Sprouting and not just bean sprouts either. You can sprout all kinds of seeds to get your fresh local … read more

Scrapbustin’ Holiday Gift Ideas

by guest contributor Shrie L. Spangler Times are tough, the penny continually needs to be pinched, and the economy isn’t showing any real signs of improvement. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t bust out some seriously rad handmade gifts for a little less than you expected this year. Giving handmade doesn’t mean schlocking together … read more

DIY Embroidery Hoop Dreamcatcher

I have loved Native American culture since I was a little kid. I used to be especially interested in the history & culture of the Sioux and even subscribed to the newspaper from the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations in South Dakota for a time when I was in high school. Needless to say, I’ve … read more

Free Printable Roundup

Here’s a roundup of free cute and clever DIY printables from the interwebs. They run the gamut from oil & vinegar bottle labels & paper bobbins for embroidery floss to thank you cards & gift tags. Please enjoy and happy making. Do share if you end up using any of these. You can even share … read more

molas + reverse applique

Recently, my grandfather made the difficult decision to move into an assisted living facility. He is 86 and up until last October was out on the golf course every day the weather was permitting. Since then, he’s had a series of health setbacks, and although he is doing much better, he decided it was time … read more

Kitchen Tutorials

Remember last week when Katya the intern shared the 1st post in her series for greening your kitchen? Well, you all seemed to like the tutorials she found so much that we decided to put together another roundup post of eco-tutorials for the kitchen. Eco Travel Food Lid from Allyson Hill Faux porcelain with recycled … read more

I’m a sucker for Ikea & applique

Learn to make this tote with some Ikea fabric, basic sewing skills & an appliqué tutorial from TreeFall Design. I can’t help you with the free time you need to make it though…you are on your own there.



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Which shower curtain should I get?

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Birch inspired home decor

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