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Look at What I Made – DIY Etched Glass and Stained Glass Containers

I’m back at work today after my birthday vacation last week. Actually I was back to work over the weekend trying to get caught up. Vacation is fun and all, but not the getting behind on work part… While I was on vacation, Organic Authority shared a post I wrote for them that I thought … read more

Paint Cans, Emeralad Green and New Work

In addition to writing here at Indie Fixx, I’m also a freelance writer and write for a variety of other blogs. It’s a chance for me to try new things and to keep keep myself sharp–it also helps pay the bills. One of my newest freelance writing jobs is writing for the sites Organic Authority … read more

Terrain and Easter Eggs

With Easter fast approaching I went looking for some new Easter egg tutorials. I came across some gorgeous loveliness at Terrain. Terrain is a home + garden store and there is one in my backyard in Glen Mills, PA. My friend Kris and I are planning a trip there later this season (when it warms … read more

Ikea <3

I am obsessed with Ikea hacks. I love to see what creative projects people have come up from some particle wood, screws and a little creativity. I, myself, am actually on my way to Ikea today for a little something. Mostly not fun stuff (like light bulbs and power strips), but I am hoping to … read more

Honey as face wash? DIY

In the past few years I’ve been on a mission to de-toxify my life. This means eating better, using less chemicals in my home and on my person and choosing to surround myself with supportive and positive people, among other things.  It’s been a journey and some of these changes have been more successful than … read more

Clothespin and Ribbon Advent Calendar

Even though my kid is all grown up, we still put an advent calendar up. Sometimes, I get those chocolate filled ones from Trader Joe’s and Julia eats the chocolates, but usually I make one. This year, I decided to keep things simple. I painted some clothespins with Martha Stewart glitter paint and cut out … read more

There’s never too much glitter!

I’ve been having fun playing with glitter this week. I figured while I was making a mess and had glitter on my face, it made sense to get it out of my system. I’ve been saving these acorns since last year with the intention of glitter-fying them for tree ornaments. Well, color me accomplished.

Glitter Clothespin Ornaments

Last year I made my own handmade snowglobes and as a result I had leftover bottle brush trees and other miniatures that left me wondering what to do with them. Well, I came across a pin to this project and I thought that’s the perfect thing. I also had some off that great Martha glitter … read more

The Origin of Buttons

Remember last week when I shared the buttons that peeps sent me? Well, here’s what I did with them. Not all of them, of course, but this is only my first button project.  I think it turned out really well and I’m quite pleased with it. I’m calling it “The Origin of Buttons” and I’m … read more



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