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Crushing on black, white & red

What I’m crushing on right now. Black, white and red all over! Both from Tango and James from Alice Nightingale at noodlehead – make it! by crazy boy at Dear Golden

My fave things #2 – Shoes

I must confess I have never had a pair of handmade shoes –despite having had a bit of a bad shoe habit when I was younger. Growing up in a small country town with a saddler being the only leather-worker around, hand-made shoes seemed so glamorous, and so impossibly out of reach, perhaps that is … read more

Indie Style 101: mint chocolate chip

Inspired by a recent scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream,  I decided to put together an outfit for Indie Style 101. Mint green dress by Fleet Collection Mint leather and silver bracelet from Pick Your Limb White leather ballet flats from Balielf Mint and gold bunting necklace from Virginie Millefiori Brown leather hobo from … read more

Win a pair of cute and socially responsible sandals!

I love that it’s now warm enough to wear sandals and flip flops (I am banishing all my socks to the attic until at least October) and  I am definitely a strappy sandal kind of girl, but the need to be flat strappy sandals.  I wish I were coordinated enough to wear heals, I’d sure … read more

Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Darlingtonia Moccasin Company

I’m so sorry for the light posting lately. Well, you know that I took Monday off for the President’s Day holiday, but yesterday turned into an impromptu day off as well. After not getting any sleep the night before….I tossed & turned way more than I slept for sure…I then made a routine trip to … read more

Back to School Guide 2009

Once again I’ve put together a Back to School Guide…you can see last year’s here. This time around I’ve had a little help though—since I was slacking on vacation, I needed a little help to pull it off. So, every day this week myself and some guests will share some of our back to school … read more

guest blog: Color Studies by Michelle Engel Bencsko

I’m taking a little break this week to attend to some personal stuff, but don’t worry I have a full schedule of Guest Bloggers lined up for you so there will be plenty to read!  I will be at home (no fun vacay for me), so I will also be checking in a little bit … read more

Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Mohop

I’m not normally a big shoe person, I usually choose to spend my money on clothing and accessories, but Mohop changed all that. Mohop is the shoe line from Annie Mohaupt. Made with wooden and recycled rubber soles, the unique thing about Mohop shoes is that using the elastic loops on the sides, you can … read more

Support indie design with your economic stimulus check!

For those of you who live in the US, I’m sure that you’ve heard that the economic stimulus checks have started to go out this week. I’m also sure that plenty of you are going to do exactly what the government doesn’t want you to do, put it in savings or pay off debt. I … read more



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Which shower curtain should I get?

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At Home With Chevrons

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Birch inspired home decor

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