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Home Week: Pillow Love

Some pillow love for Home Week. Just click on the images and text for links to the shops.

Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Daisy Dog Studio

A little late, but it’s still Wednesday here…or at least for another 30 minutes…so here is today’s edition of the Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Emily McCoy of Daisy Dog Studio. 1. What’s the name of your business, what do create and sell and how did you get your start? My business name is Daisy … read more

Momma needs a coffee table!

Oh hell, yes. Momma needs a coffee table from Michael Arras.

Home Week: stuff I want for my home!

More Home Week fun for you. Here are are some homewares and home decor items I wouldn’t mind freshening up my space with. What do ya think? 1. Scalloped wood mirror from Uncommon, $55 {}{}{}{} 2. Wallpaper storage boxes from Drawflowers, $15 {}{}{}{} 3. Chandelier towel from Teresa Sheeley, $10 {}{}{}{} 4. Collage canvas print … read more

Tuesday Tutorial: Duvet Cover From Sheets

Tamar from Nest Pretty Things (Etsy Shop) sent me a little note about this duvet cover she made and I thought it would be pearfecto to share for Home Week. I always have odd sheets around the house and never know what to use them for, except as ground cover for picnics and at the … read more

It’s all about the bees

I love honey bees…they are so cute and I love anything cute. I’m kinda like Elmira Duff in that respect. I also like honey and eating all the foods that honey bees pollinate. Foods like broccoli, cantaloupe, squash, string beans, coffee and strawberries among many others. By now, you’ve probably heard of Colony Collapse Disorder, … read more

It’s Home Week!

There is just something about spring that makes me, and I’m sure you,  think about projects around the home. Of course, I want to do a spring clean and shake out all the cobwebs from the long cold dark winter, but it’s more than just that. My thoughts turn to fixing stuff that needs fixin’ … read more

A Peek Inside: indie home tours with Rachel Rappaport of Coconut & Lime

Today, I’m sharing both Rachel Rappaport’s home for A Peek Inside: indie home tours. Rachel is a food writer and recipe creator extraordinaire and she has shared over 800 of her original recipes in a variety of cuisines on Coconut & Lime…one of my regular reads. Rachel, like me, is a work-from-blogger and her home … read more



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Which shower curtain should I get?

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At Home With Chevrons

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Birch inspired home decor

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