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Stuff i *need*

This is a collection of stuff that I *need* for school. Need is totally subjective, you know, and I have a lot of needs! {clockwise} Hand Stitched Light Grey Leather Tote Bag from ArtemisLeatherware Paris Mini pencil case from ARTINDECO I solemnly swear that I am up to no good Pencil from cloudandclover Jane Austen … read more

Crushing on….for the office

So, today I am 100% better. No vertigo at all. Let’s hope I’ve seen the backside of that FOREVER! I’m ready to get back to normal, back to work and back to my lovely home office. I do believe that I *need* some of these lovely paper/office themed goodies that I cam crushing on. sigh. … read more

Back to School Guide 2011 – Cute Edition

I love cute stuff—as if you couldn’t tell from reading this blog—and I know you love cute stuff too—you are reading this blog after all—so here’s some of the cutest back to school goodies I could find. 1. Pencil pouch from Julie Meyer 2. Eco-friendly pencils from Write With Moie 3. Apple magnets from Honey … read more

Back to School Guide 2011 – Varsity Edition

Well, I’m glad that’s over—Hurricane Irene, that is. I hope every one of you made it through the storm okay…yourselves, your families and your property. The Indie Fixx family is totally fine, if just still a little sleep deprived. I never want to have to go through a direct hit of a hurricane, and certainly … read more

Currently Crushing on Industrial Vintage

Hi! I’m Danny Brito, an Illustrator living in Miami, Florida. I’m going to be doing a regular guest blog post over here on Indie Fixx for a while. I’m going to be bringing you some of my favorite finds whether they are from other artists or just great thrifted items that I’ve found. No theme, … read more

Back to School Guide: last day – diy school supplies

Today is the very last day of the Back to School Guide 2010 and for today’s edition I am featuring a tutorial roundup for DIY school supplies. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Guide, whether you are going back to school, have kiddos heading back or just love back to school goodies! Embroidered Paper Magnetic Bookmark … read more

Back to School Guide: Day 6

More fun goodies from the Back to School Guide 2010. Today’s collection was created by Molly of Charlotte’s Fancy. Love what she came up with. I think I *need* that iPhone case…but for my Droid. 1. iPhone case in Graphite Wool Felt and Black Leather / $24 / Byrd & Belle 2. Chipmunk Holding an … read more

Back to School Guide 2010

I love back to school time. Even though I haven’t been in school in more than a few years, I love back to school supplies, decor & fashion. That’s why, every year I put together a back to school guide ( you can see previous guides here). This year was no different and I even … read more

Fabric Search & a Poll!

Yesterday, I shared my new office with you. And as you can see in the image below, I am still in need of some curtains. I’ve decided to make my own and thinking that cafe curtains will work best in the room. It’s a small room and my desk is right in front of the … read more



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Which shower curtain should I get?

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At Home With Chevrons

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Birch inspired home decor

Birch inspired home decor

I received an email the other day from Mammoth & Company about 2...