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Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer have come early to my neck of the woods. It’s only early July, but the humidity and the heat make it seem more like August (and if we don’t want this trend to get worse, we might want to do something about it). Anyway, I’m feeling a little down about … read more

Indie Cats!

If you have read this blog for a while, you know I love cats. I’m not quite into crazy cat lady territory (I only have 2), but I have been know to talk to my cats, take pictures of them like they are human children and to get totally sidetracked when walking into a room … read more

Holiday inspiration and the world is not going to end

Well, today is a day of great anticipation. Not only is everyone anxiously awaiting tomorrow, because it’s the Friday before a long 4 day holiday break, but we are also waiting to see how the world will end for the Mayan Apocalypse. I’m pretty excited about the holiday. The cookies, presents, holiday punch and visiting … read more

Summer’s unofficially here!

I’m back from my3-day weekend and I feel as refreshed. I didn’t do a whole lot, just mostly chilled and relaxed. We cooked out, made and drank some sangria, played Mario Kart and some board games, went out for brunch and really just took it easy the whole weekend. It’s important to do that every … read more

Snowy Day

I know that, like me, many of you are getting tired of snow (and there’s more on the way), but I’m sure not tired of looking at pretty snow pictures. Here’s just a sampling of the pretty snowiness I found on flickr. P.S. Stay tuned for the release of issue #3 of Joie magazine tomorrow! … read more

A gift for you…

I was looking for some inspiration this Wednesday morning on flickr and I came up with this post…a gift for you. by The Swirly Girl by *lalalaurie by Alicia Bock by gathering spriggs by betsy. by .elsie*cake. by * a n i t a * by giant dwarf by Laughing Squid by love_yellow by fetosoap … read more

signs of spring

I started the week out with some flickr inspiration so I thought I would end the week with some as well. This time I had my eye on signs of spring. by artsy-crafty by tashamck by Geninne by ethanollie by merwing✿little dear by house on hill road by ninimakes

People watching

Last night, while looking through my Flickr Contacts’ photos for inspiration, all I saw were faces. And expressions. Ranging from both smiles and frowns to those of being deep in thought or being entirely in the moment. People always say that I wear my emotions on my face and I never know why they single … read more

Flickr Pixx: Fresh!

Some pixx from my flickr contacts… a. fabric boutonnieres by *lalalaurie (Etsy Shop – Laurie Conotto) ~~~~~ b. plush by UNIFORM Studio (UNIFORM Studio shop) ~~~~~ c. smiley heart cookies by lilfishstudios (Etsy Shop) ~~~~~ d.spool necklace by tangente (Etsy Shop) ~~~~~  e. cautious by Yaelfran (Etsy Shop) ~~~~~ f. googly-eyed bear skirt by hasenpfefferincorporated … read more



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