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Look at What I Made – DIY Etched Glass and Stained Glass Containers

I’m back at work today after my birthday vacation last week. Actually I was back to work over the weekend trying to get caught up. Vacation is fun and all, but not the getting behind on work part… While I was on vacation, Organic Authority shared a post I wrote for them that I thought … read more

Fresh from the mountains

I’ve long been a fan of the Juniper Ridge line of incense–I currently have cedar, juniper, white sage and piñon. Recently, the folks at Juniper Ridge sent me a bottle of their Big Sur Cabin Spray as a sample and I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s described as: “Fragrance from real plants, bark, moss and mushroom and … read more

Paint Cans, Emeralad Green and New Work

In addition to writing here at Indie Fixx, I’m also a freelance writer and write for a variety of other blogs. It’s a chance for me to try new things and to keep keep myself sharp–it also helps pay the bills. One of my newest freelance writing jobs is writing for the sites Organic Authority … read more

A few reasons to shop local and indie-made

When a garden is more than a garden

Even though I’m not having my own garden this season, my mind always turns to gardening this time of year. That’s probably why when I was recently catching up with my Facebook feed, this link about some of the coolest guerrilla gardens (sorry I don’t remember who shared it) jumped out at me. Guerrilla gardening, … read more

Got Seeds?

It’s time to get your garden seedlings going. It might be a little late for some things and a little early for others, but it’s definitively the time to get planning. This year I plan on getting my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Their seeds are heirloom and are non-hybrid, non-GMO, non-treated and non-patented! … read more

Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments from Toilet Paper Tubes!

Last week, I was poking around my friend Kris’ Pinterest page and I cam across a pin that led me to this blog post. I had no idea what it said (it looks like it’s written in Spanish…I took French), but it’s clear that there was cuteness, there were  toilet paper tubes and there were … read more

Clever new things from old things

I am a fan of using old things to make new things….especially when the new thing includes some aspect of the old.  Lindsay Pemberton’s tea cup jewelry perfectly sums up what I mean. Lindsay creates brooches from tea cup bottoms, necklaces from the handles and bangles using the tea cup body. She creates something new, … read more

Sponsor Spotlight: bluefish clothing

Whether it’s fall or spring, I am a great one for layering. It’s the perfect way to deal with the often crazy transitional weather…cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon and vice versa. Blue fish Clothing is a awesome company for stocking up on comfortable & easy-wearing basics too. Organic since 1995, blue … read more



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Which shower curtain should I get?

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At Home With Chevrons

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Birch inspired home decor

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