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1st assignment

I decided to sign up for Alisha Burke’s Sketchbook Delight Part2 and here’s my 1st assignment. We were supposed to sketch our supplies to get our creative juices flowing and to practice some of the techniques we learned in Part 1 of the class. I personally needed the practice as I am quite rusty. See, … read more

Creative E-Courses: I’m going back to school

On Friday, I wrote about my winter blues and my desire to give them the boot (and myself a kick in the ass). I’ve decided that I am going to take a couple of online art classes to chase the blues away.  A couple of years ago I took Alisa Burke’s Sketchbook Delight and had … read more

9 Tips for advertising on blogs

I thought since I’ve been promoting my Getting Featured on Blogs Workshop, a nice complement to that might be sharing some tips on how to successfully advertise on blogs. Both advertising and public relations should be a part of a  successful marketing strategy. The two work together to promote your brand to current and future … read more

Getting Featured on Blogs Online Workshop

I’ve decided to put my experience (5 years) to good use and have put together a workshop to answer the question I get asked the most…“How do I get featured on popular blogs?”.  My online interactive workshop called Getting Featured on Blogs is all about…well, getting featured on blogs. It’s not just luck (ok there … read more

Getting Featured on Blogs Workshop

I’ve been talking about offering workshops and e-courses for a while now (here + here). Well, I finally put money where my mouth is (fingers are?) and put together my 1st Workshop. Called Getting Featured on Blogs, it’s all about…well, getting featured on blogs. As a popular blogger, for going on 5 years now, I … read more



Which shower curtain should I get?

Which shower curtain should I get?

Last month we re-did our master bathroom. It was in dire need of both...
At Home With Chevrons

At Home With Chevrons

Everywhere I look I see chevrons. I’m not complaining, I am a...
Birch inspired home decor

Birch inspired home decor

I received an email the other day from Mammoth & Company about 2...