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Indie Quilts

Years ago I posted about Indie Quilters for a reader who was looking to purchase a quilt. I wasn’t able to find that many quilters selling their wares online….but it was 2007. Things have changed in the 6 years since then and now everyone is selling homemade goods online! I recently came across Folk Fibers, … read more

Glammed Up Holiday Houses

Inspired by this post, I made some little cardboard houses for under the tree. All the goods are  either recycled or were gifted to me (excluding a couple pieces of felt I purchased). The great holiday fabrics were sent to me from Creative Thursday and the sequins my friend Mary shared with me. Everything else … read more

Holiday Fabric Brooch

A couple of weeks ago Marissa from Creative Thursday sent me some samples from her fabric lines. And they’ve been sitting there taunting me every since, calling me to make something. I’ve had a few ideas, but never the time to sit down and get my crafty on. Well, Hurricane Sandy suddenly opened up my … read more

Creative Thursday Fabrics

The lovely and talented Marisa Anne from Creative Thursday recently sent me some fabric samples from her new (and older) fabric collections. Sometimes, I just love checking the mail! There are times when the mailbox is filled with some perfectly wonderful surprises. So, now I need to figure out project I’m going to use these … read more

Handmade Holidays – Gifts for Dearhearts

One of the things I miss about my grandmother are all her little sayings and old-fashioned words and terms. For example, I just loved it when she called me her dearheart and I still love the images it evokes in my head even today. I’ve always had a thing for deer and to me calling … read more

She’s Crafty: Create Notebook with Amenity Home Fabric

Amenity Home recently sent me some of their fabrics to try out. I have a few things in the works for them…thinking about some placemats or a pillow…but in the meantime I decided to cover a notebook with a scrap of their Trail in Cream & Moss pattern. I bought one of those Composition Notebooks … read more

Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Jan DiCintio of Daisy Janie

Sharing my interview with one of fave people on the Internet, Jan DiCintio of Daisy Janie, for today’s Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx. Jan is fabric & surface designer & a regular must read blogger. Couple of new things going on for Jan…her new 2010 calendar.  I bought last year’s edition and I loved it, so … read more

She’s Crafty: colts and windmills fabric bunting

Over the summer I decided to figure out how to make fabric scrap bunting and I thought I’d share my project with you for She’s Crafty. I’m pretty new to the whole sewing thing, so I’m trying to come up with projects that will help me dip my toe into the sewing pond. I had … read more

She’s Crafty: fabric scrap coasters

I’ve needed coasters for my Ikea desk for ages. I’ve just been using junk mail and paper towels, to protect my desk from my sweating glasses, but that was just getting old. So, I decided to do something about it and come up with a post for She’s Crafty at the same time. I’ve seen … read more



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