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The Swan Princess and the Owl

A couple of months ago I told you about the pink flamingo challenge. Well, the deadline of July 19th is fast approaching, so I got down to work the other night. I’m still trying to work out how to make the one look like owls–I’m not a fan of flamingos and you all know I … read more

Inspiration at Shop Terrain

Yesterday, I went to Terrain with one of my friends. It’s been a busy and emotional couple of months for me–what with Grandmom passing away and Indie Fixx Jr. graduating college and moving out–and I needed a girls’ day out. Lucky for me, I have a good friend who remembered I wanted to visit Terrain … read more

Indie Quilts

Years ago I posted about Indie Quilters for a reader who was looking to purchase a quilt. I wasn’t able to find that many quilters selling their wares online….but it was 2007. Things have changed in the 6 years since then and now everyone is selling homemade goods online! I recently came across Folk Fibers, … read more

Glammed Up Holiday Houses

Inspired by this post, I made some little cardboard houses for under the tree. All the goods are  either recycled or were gifted to me (excluding a couple pieces of felt I purchased). The great holiday fabrics were sent to me from Creative Thursday and the sequins my friend Mary shared with me. Everything else … read more

I’ve got buttons!

I was recently inspired to do a crafty project involving buttons, but my button collection went by the wayside some time ago. Long story short….my missing buttons involves my kid. Anyway, suffice it to say, I was button-less. So, I put a call out on Twitter and Facebook and I am button-less no more.  Thanks … read more

Yarns I’m Loving

With the colder upon us,  I’m turning my crafty attention to yarn projects. Granted I’ve not yet figured out how to knit or crochet anything that isn’t a square or a rectangle. This year though, I am committed to learning how to knit something else besides scarves. That said, here are some handmade yarns I … read more

Holiday Fabric Brooch

A couple of weeks ago Marissa from Creative Thursday sent me some samples from her fabric lines. And they’ve been sitting there taunting me every since, calling me to make something. I’ve had a few ideas, but never the time to sit down and get my crafty on. Well, Hurricane Sandy suddenly opened up my … read more

Creative Thursday Fabrics

The lovely and talented Marisa Anne from Creative Thursday recently sent me some fabric samples from her new (and older) fabric collections. Sometimes, I just love checking the mail! There are times when the mailbox is filled with some perfectly wonderful surprises. So, now I need to figure out project I’m going to use these … read more

Painting rocks and meeting with the women

Yesterday I met with a group of women for our new regular creative gossiping sessions. My  friend Kris came up with the name C3 (Cunt Craft Collective) for them. We are using the time to socialize, work on art and craft projects, talk politics and activism and to offer inspiration for each other. With a … read more



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