Wear your heart around your neck with the Anatomical Heart Necklace. Choose from black & red or black & white. $20 from Paraphernalia

Share this Love Bugs Greeting Card with your love bug this Valentine's Day, because according to the artist , "Love is like two little ladybirds chillin' on a leaf." $4 from heidi burton illustration and prints

Declare your love with the simple and sweet Etienne Necklace. A sterling silver heart lariat, the length is adjustable. $33.95 at Madame Bijoux

An ode to love by one of my favorite artists. Rise Poster by Kurt Halsey. $10 at Art Star

Senorita and Mountie Cards from the Crazy Little Thing Called Love Collection. Valentine's Day greetings for those who are looking for something not found at your local chain card store. $7 at Greenwich Letterpress

Use to decorate your own pad, gift to your Valentine or give as a hostess gift. Letterpress Love Coasters from Sesame Letterpress. $11 at Buy Olympia

Do you love him or not? Of course, you do, so let him know with the She Loves Me (Not) Tie. Available in narrow or standard widths, a variety of colors and in either silk or microfiber. $40 at Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Give her some bling that doesn't cost a year's salary or exploit any mine workers. Acrylic Diamond Ring from designer Alissia Melka Teichrow in the classic Tiffany silhouette. Available in a variety of colors. $10 at Greener Grass Designs

More socially conscious diamond giving. Make your valentine feel like a million bucks with the 10 ct Diamond Felt Brooch. $6 from my imaginary boyfriend

Sweet robot love from artist Lynette May. I know I would love it if my valentine gave me this Robot Love Print...hint, hint! $25 at Shana Logic

Lock up his heart and throw away the key with these Keyhole Cufflinks by artist Connie Verrusio. Made from recycled keyholes set in sterling silver. $95 at Uncommon Goods

Proclaim your loves for Valentine's Day. Choose a button from the I Heart collection or create your own I Heart button! $1 from Button Arcade

Honey sweet and glittered too, give this You're the Sweetest card to your sweetheart. $5 at Shades of Violet

Do a little Valentine decorating with these Heart Window Clings. Great for kids or for all of us big kids. $7.50 at Vinyl Wall Art

Such a sweet little Love Bird Pendant for your valentine love bird. Color and word are customizable. $10 from Jessica Jane

"I love you" is "I love you" in any language, but it sounds so much more romantic in when you say it another language. Woo your valentine with the Te Amo Card. $3 from Suzy Jack

Make Al Gore proud and give a totally reusable gift and if you fill this handy Lurrve Monkey Tote Bag with chocolate, you'll just make your Valentine's Day. $12 from Dog Bone Art

Fill this Love Kanji Linen Notebook with sweet nothings & love poetry and gift it to your love. $16 from Bamboo Village Press

More robot Valentine's Day love. Download these Robot Mini Valentine's for some robot Valentine's fun. FREE at Blissfully Bitter