The independent jewelry guide from Indie Fixx

Lucky Loo Loo

I love, love the Carved Resin Necklaces from Lucky Loo Loo. They make a bold yet simple statement and are really right up my alley.


Zelda Wong

One of my more recent discoveries are the stunning garden-inspired sterling silver designs from Zelda Wong, like the Sugar Bloom Necklace. Her designs are just so delicate and beautiful...I really covet them.


Shy Siren

The Rose Garden Earrings, another flower-inspired design from the designers behind Shy Siren, are made from vessonite (green) and rhodolite garnet. Shy Siren consistently offers stunning designs made from unusual stones and is one of my favorite jewelry shops. Use the code "INDIEFIXX" for 15% off any order.


Prismera Design

The Rosemary Necklace is part of the Flora & Folium Collection at Prismera Design, which features botanical silhouettes, cut from recycled stainless steel. The elegant and modern designs are just breathtaking in their simplistic beauty.


Hovey Lee

This kukui bead bracelet by Hovey Lee is chic and funky. Part of the Eco-Gem Collection, the vibrant kukui beads are dyed a vibrant green using vegetable dyes.


Wendy Mink Jewelry

Handmade Crochet Circle Pendants by Wendy Mink Jewelry. Wendy Mink was the very first indie shop that I ever featured on Indie Fixx.


Biggie Handmade Goods

I have a pair of these Felted Earrings by Biggie in pink and I really wear them all the time. I would love to have at least 5 or 6 pairs in different colors.


Jill Briggs Jewelry

I love the Heart Charm Necklace collection at Jill Briggs Jewelry. They are sophisticated, yet playful and fun.


Metals Girl

Metals Girl is a new discovery and I am smitten with the Resin Collection, especially these Sterling Hoop and Tiny Dot Earrings.


Odette New York

Odette New York is an oldie, but goodie. I've been a fan for a number of years of their Merric Collection, especially the Wave Necklace, which consists of nature-inspired sterling casted designs and is just lovely and very, very elegant. Use the code "INDIESHIP" for free shipping.


David Aubrey

David Aubrey's jewelry designs are what I imagine a lady of means would have worn in during the classical period and/or the Renaissance.


Megan Auman

These Fine Silver on Steel Bracelets look like they are dripping silver and are truly magnificent.


Amy Bengston

The flirty and fun Magnolia Earrings are made from delicate petal beads. Choose from a variety of colors. Use the code "IndieF007" for 25% off your entire order. This offer will last until Dec 19 2007.


Tiger Lilly Shop

I love the emphemeral nature of these plastic rings from Tiger Lilly Shop. The Orange Tiger Lily Ring especially catches my eye.



I am a big fan of the chunky and funky wood earrings from Orno, like the Mahogany Earrings. They are like wearable organic architectural structures.


Laurel Denise

Another designer who has been around for a while, but one who never ceases to captivate me is Laurel Denise. Laurel Denise creates jewelry with a message, like the Forever Heart Necklace, which is made from a glass pendant with the word forever on it. Use the code "FRIEND" for 15% off.


Birka Scandinavian

Midsummer Bracelet - just gorgeous and stunning! I can only imagine how wonderful this would feel jangling on my wrist. 10% off by mentioning indifixx at checkout.


Pippa Knowles Jewellry

Barcode Jewelry for men and women from Pippa Knowles Jewellry. There are rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, pendants and key fobs all of which can be personalized.


Polly Wales

Sing polly wolly doodle all day, I want some Polly Wales Neu Rave Earrings in my ears.