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Hippity-hop on over to Supermaggie for this new Spring 2008 Mum Bunny design. Available in a bunch of different styles to fit your style and comfort. Receive free shipping, just enter "IndieFixx08" at checkout.

$28 -$44 at Supermaggie


I really like this Catamaran Dress. Made from organic cotton poplin with blue hemp sash and shoulders, I love that's it made with sustainable materials and that it features the lovely & novel bicycle print.

From Passenger Pigeon

Yum, I love porridge....that is, Porridge Clothing's Spring 2008 line. It's fun, sweet and simple but with clever little details. I'll take one of each, please.

From Porridge Clothing

You'll be ready for all the garden parties you end up getting invited too this spring with this Garden Flower Boatneck Dress.

$292 from Built By Wendy

This pair of custom cream slingback open toe platform pumps would go beautifully with any of the dresses on this page...in my opinion. Handmade and can be made in any color.

$500 from El Diablo Shoes