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I love secret compartments and I love bags and when you put the two together, it just makes me jump up and down with joy. This aqua petticoat bag has a 'hidden' pocket in the ruffle, so you can find your keys or cell phone fast. It's roomy and cute as hell!

$68 at Makool Loves You


One of my favorite color combinations is still turquoise and yellow, very 80's I know, but I love it just the same. I also love this adorable tote with yellow birds and lined in turquoise.

$30 at BANG!

I will be green with envy if you get the Green Isabella bag. It's a pretty spring green and just calling my name.

£45 from Emma Gordon

A little birdie told me that you would like this new Milla Bird tote design from Alena Hennessy. It's a woven bag featuring an intricate & lovely design.

$64 from Alena Hennessy

Oh, snap! In addition to being totally cute, the Turbo Jr bag is completely functional. It has sneaky snap expandable sides, which I know I can certainly use to fit in all that unexpected crap I seem to accumulate in my bag all day.

$112 from Holly Aiken