About the Artists!

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Liz Adams- Liz is a freelance illustrator living in Los Angeles. Much of her inspiration comes from childhood, the desert, and animals. See more on her website and in her Esty Shop.

Laura Amiss - Laura's handmade canvases are unique and are created using a selection of new and reclaimed fabrics. Her work is composed of subtle lines and color combinations produced through layering, piecing and sewing fabrics together. She draws her inspiration from her every day environment and hopes that she captures the landscape or moments of ordinary life  which allows people to appreciate them with a fresh perspective. See more on her website and in Shop.

Kirrily Anderson - Kirrily's illustration based artwork is well travelled, appearing in places such as Mexico, Israel, New York City, Sydney & Melbourne, while her design work has
made its' way around both Australia & the United States often in the form of CD
artwork and gig posters.See more on her website and in Etsy Shop.

Aisyah Ang - Aisyah considers her work to be a hybrid of organic shapes and geometric arrangements, both made possible by paints and collages. Each piece of creativity represents numerous possibilities design models of architectural natural peaks or mountains, bleeds of botanical fragments, floral growths, shadow of trees, unshakable stone structures. See more on her website and in her Esty Shop.

Kate Alizadeh - Kate is 19, goes to art school in the U.K. and drinks a lot of tea. She is inspired by God, the stars, songs, love, bears and other assorted furry animals. She loves creating atmospheres and telling stories through pictures. See more on her website, in her Esty Shop and on her blog.

Cate Anevski - Cate's head is filled to the brim with bizarre images. These images are inspired by dreams, books, movies, nature & her pets. She decided to become an illustrator so she could share these images with everyone. See more on her website and in her Esty Shop.

Jo Askey - Jo Askey is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Cheshire. After returning to study in 2005 she discovered digital art, a medium that she fell in love with. Jo is inspired by many things including early poster art, fashion and typography. One of her earliest childhood memories is of clutching a crayon in her hand and trying to draw the perfect rainbow. Jo Askey designs for the moo.com designer range and her prints are available to purchase from her Etsy Shop and her Folksy Shop.

Jennifer Rae Atkins - Jennifer Rae Atkins is a Texan-New Mexican who designs museum exhibits for a living. She's been a writer, an editor, a bookstore clerk, and a high school English teacher, too, and both of her grandfathers were cowboys. Jennifer lives in Bernalillo, New Mexico, where she tries to draw every single day. You can see her work at her website.

Rachel Austin - Rachel Austin's map paintings are created using maps & layers of transparent paint & ink on wood panels. Rachel is inspired by crisp moments of beauty and tries to capture them in this series. Rachel Austin is a full time artist living in Portland, Oregon. You can see her work at her website and in her Etsy Shop.

Ilaria Benedetti - Ilaria was born in Rome and since she was a child she has liked to draw. She now lives in Barcelona, Spain and is married with two lovely kids. She studies illustration at Idep, in Barcelona and has discovered the "beautiful land" of artist blogs and Etsy. You can see more of her work on her blog and in her Etsy shop.

Laura Bentham - Laura is a UK illustrator who also works as a junior graphic designer/illustrator. Her work can be found on her website and on her blog.

Laura Berger - Laura Berger of is a self-taught artist and illustrator based in lovely Chicago, Illinois. She started painting and drawing because it made her feel good. It is still working. Working primarily with gouache and ink, her art is currently centered around a dreamlike land full of lovable creature-friends and a smattering of kindly humans. See more in her shop, on flickr and on her blog.

Ryan Berkley - Ryan Berkley is the artist behind Berkley Illustration (which he runs along with his wife, Lucy). He is a self-described comics inspired gentleman. He likes to draw sharks and animals and creatures and mustaches and superheroes. Sometimes he combines all of them and sometimes they are on their own. You can see more in the Berkley Ilustration Shop, Blog and on flickr.

Holly Ward Bimba - Holly is the artist & illustrator behind Golly Bard. She studied the fine art of printmaking, papermaking & book arts. To this day, she still love the smell of a print shop! However, watercolor painting is her favorite medium and she works almost exclusively w/ watercolor at this time. Holly designs stationery, does freelance design work, as well as create paintings for her Etsy shop from her studio in Upperville, Virginia.

Charlie Bird - Charlie is currently a photography student at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked as a painter, photographer, and illustrator while not scampering off on camping trips. Her work is inspired by anything lovely and outdoors. While not fiddling in her band, Loudermilk & Moon, she is creating fun things with her best friend Heather Feather. See more on her flickr and on her blog.

Amanda Blake - Amanda lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She received her BA in fine arts from the University of Oregon, studied watercolor in Siena, Italy and oil painting and print making at the Chautauqua Art Institute in New York. Inspired by religious and literary symbolism, art history, superstition and found photography she works to create narratives that are at once familiar and mysterious. See more on her website, in her etsy shop and on her blog.

Jill Bogart - Jill spends her days playing with a boy (Doodle), a girl (Boo), and a dog (Hoob). She spends her nights turning all that play into drawings. A trained art historian and a wannabe scientist, Jill has a wide range of interests, which sometimes seem to be at odds to one another. She looks to her art as a way to combine all of these loves and is pleased to have found so many who share them. See more of Jill's work at her website and Etsy shop.

Asja Boroš - Asja is an artist and an illustrator from Croatia who loves to create colorful, whimsical illustrations and drawings. Color schemes play an important role in her work and she especially enjoy drawing geometric shapes, lines and patterns. She also loves designing cute characters. Originally an animator by professio,n in last couple of years she has been more focused on illustration. See more on her website and on her blog.

Brainstorm Print & Design - Brainstorm is a Philadelphia based design & screen printing studio run by Briana Feola & Jason Snyder. Striving for a balance of top notch technical execution with vibrancy in image & color, Brainstorm works to create a satisfying blend of graphic design, illustration & silkscreen printmaking. In addition to art prints & personal illustrations, Brainstorm works on contract printing & custom design projects, producing unique & hand printed products for a great list of clients. See more on their website.

Heidi Burton - Heidi Burton is a 29 year old illustrator living in Cambridge, UK. She studied Illustration at Kent Institute of Art and Design and has continued to develop and exhibit her work since graduating. Heidi is a mischievous explorer-type with a love of the wilderness. These days she explores human nature; social interaction, overheard conversations, and the quirks of individuals - for concepts and character ideas. See more in her Etsy Shop, on flickr and on her blog.

Lindsey Carr - Lindsey Carr is the artist behind Little Robot. She is 31 years old, and lives on the coast just south of Glasgow, Scotland. She loves to draw and paint and her materials and processes include paiting, wooden toys, lareg paper theatres, dioramas. Inspired by stories and influenced by fairy tales, mthyology and dream sequences. Find out more on her website and shop her etsy shop.

Michelle Cavigliano - Michelle Cavigliano of My Zoetrope is a silly girl with silly daydreams who works as a pattern designer for a risque fashion company by day, and wanders around Brooklyn with her camera and sketchbook by night. You can view more of her work on her website or in her Etsy Shop. Her blog is updated pretty frequently with adventures of the imaginary kind on paper, and of the tasty kind in the kitchen.

Jo Cheung - Jo is freelance illustrator and designer living in London. She likes to make images of birds, bears, dreamy landscapes with floating shapes and stars in the sky. Her inspiration comes from child hood memories, travels abroad, music and found photographs. When it comes to collecting paper she's a bit of a magpie! You can view more of her work on her website or in her Shop.

Lyndey Clayborn - Lyndey recently received her BFA from Louisiana Tech University. While she occasionally works in pen and ink, her affections are mainly focused towards letterpress, relief prints and cut paper. Raised in the pine forests of northern Louisiana, she has consistently felt obliged to explore the world in which she inhabits. Lyndey is inspired by grandiose Baroque paintings, science-fiction, broadsides of the early 20th century, fairy tale illustrations, traditional printmaking and the curious past of the American South. You can take a look at her recent work at her website.

Lucy Claydon - Lucy founded Lottie Frank Illustration in 2007. She has a degree in Fashion design and also works as a Graphic designer for a large department store. Lottie Frank has now developed into the warm and colourful world of the Lottie Ladies, so do take a glimpse into their loves, inspirations and stylish endevours. You can view more of her work on her website, in her Etsy Shops (www.lottiefrank.etsy.com & www.littlelottieladies.etsy.com) and on her Blog.

Gemma Correll - Gemma Correll was born in the UK in 1984. 25 years later, she lives and works as a freelance illustrator and maker of things with cats on, in Norwich, in the south east of England. Gemma likes pugs, overpriced flavoured coffees and comfortable shoes. You can see her work in her shop, on her flickr page and in her Etsy Shop.

Stephanie Miller Corfee - Has worked as a watercolorist, wedding gown designer, portrait artist and graphic designer over the years. Her ultimate goal is to create original works and prints that are accessible, joyful and whose sales allow me to contribute to the greater good. You can learn more about her on her Website and blog. Also, visit her Etsy Shop to see more of her work.

Ellen Kozyra Currier - Ellen grew up on the gulf coast of Florida, in a small beach town. Art and design has always been a big part of her life, but she had only recently been inspired to share her work with the world. By day she a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analyst and cartographer. Besides creating maps and art, she spends her time knitting, reading, writing and practicing yoga. See more of her work on her website.

Cori Dantini - Cori considers her work to be something called a mixed media painting and also likes to think of them as her attempt at a visual poem. You can see more of Cori's work in her two Etsy Shops. Here and here.

Rinske Dekker - Rinske lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After artschool she worked in an art-supplies store until about 3 years ago she decided to be a fulltime artist. Her paintings and drawings are inspired by most things cute, beautiful & odd. Vintage family photo's, comics, fantasy, sci-fi, fairytales, old picturebooks, & pop art are also current inspirations. Rinske hopes that her work triggers the imagination.You can see more of her work in here here and here.

Kate Dolamore - Kate is the artis behind Pencil Sahvings. She likes to draw, paint, make things, go on walks and take photos, cook, read, listen to music, drink coffee, and spend time with lovely people. Kate also lives in Orlando, FL and you can learn more about her on her Website and blog. Also, visit her Etsy Shop to see more of her work.

Marcy Davy - Marcy Davy is the printmaker behind All Things Grow. Her work explores the natural world through the graphic nature of woodcut and screen printing. She studied printmaking and art education and works as a commercial artist in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can see more in her Etsy shop, on her blog and on her flickr page.

Ashley DeVrieze - Ashley is the painter behind Stubborn Dog Artwork. She likes to paint cheerful characters, animals, and bright shapes. She uses mostly watercolor, ink, and acrylics. When not working, she loves to hang out with her family, read, hike, and sip peppermint mochas. You can check out her paintings and prints at her blog and etsy shop.

Dilka -Dilka studied painting and graphic at university and after working as a graphic designer for a while, decided to try to take painting a little more seriously. You can see more in her Etsy Shop and on flickr.
Leah Duncan - Leah lives in Austin, TX with her husband, her two cats, her pit mix Oslo, and lots of foster puppies. Her work is mostly inspired by nature, folk art, southwestern culture, animals, and her love of children's illustrations. As well as working on commissions, Leah sells her work on her etsy shop and her website. You can keep up with her adventures, thoughts, and happenings on her blog.

Nicole Duquette - Nicole is a simple & light-hearted illustrator creating out of Lancaster Pennsylvania where she obtained her BFA in illustration at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. She works in a fun, whimsical style with her trusty sets of watercolor and ever growing collection of .03 ink pens! You can see more in her Website and on her blog.

Kate Durkin - New York based Kate Durkin grew up in Washington, DC. She received her BA from The New School in NYC, a post-baccalaureate certificate in painting at SACI in Florence, Italy, then lived and worked in San Francisco for four years. Kate has shown her stitched paintings in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Portland,OR, Tokyo, New York and Florence. She sells her work every weekend at the Brooklyn Flea. She is drawn to flora and fauna, childlike simplicity and muted colors. You can see more in her Website.

Lucy Engelman - Lucy is a recent BFA graduate and illustrator living in Northfield, IL. Her work is consistently whimsica,l playful and at times slightly mysterious, as she sticks to traditional forms of illustration with pen and paint. In addition to working with Indie Fixx, Lucy has had the joy of collaborating with several magazines and publishing houses listed on her site. To see more of her work and find her contact information, visit www.lucyengelman.com.

Jaclyn Evalds - Jaclyn is an artist currently living and working in Portland, Oregon.  A recent transplant from the East Coast, she recently left her job designing toys to focus on her art full time.  She is inspired by folk art, antique photographs, nature, and vintage fabric patterns.  You can find more of her work at her website and shop.

Stephanie Fizer- Stephanie Fizer is a curious girl and illustrator in lovely but misunderstood West Virginia. She enjoys vintage children's illustration, pickles, striped stockings, and all things cute which is apparent in her illustrations. . .well except maybe the pickles. To catch up with Stepahnie's goings on, visit her blog. You can find her work at Etsy and on flickr.

Yael Frankel - Yael Frankel is a mother of two & a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She loves creating crafts and digital illustrations in her home studio. She describes her work as childlike tiny art that you feel in love with when you see it and want it to give or just to keep for yourself. Visit her blog and find her work at Etsy and on flickr.

Irena Freitas - Irena is an illustrator & designer from Brazil. She loves childlike illustrations and drawing pretty girls. She is available for commissions and collaborations. Visit her blog and find her work on her website and on flickr.

Marcia Furman - Marcia Furman is a 5' firecracker living in Butler, Pennsylvania. Acrylic painting is her first love, but she enjoys working with any and all mediums. Aside from painting, she plays acoustic guitar for indie-rock band Hand Drawn Mountains and volunteers with her church's youth group. You can keep up with her latest art work and brain overflow here. Her work can also be found on Etsy, Flickr and her website.

Mandy Gerth - Mandy finds an incredible amount of nourishment from making art work. Her work is inspired by the details of daily life; these details move her and drive her to make new works to enrich her family life as well as the lives of others. You can see more of her work on her blog and Etsy Shop.

Mara Girling - Inspired by the design scene of the mid 20th Century and the world around us, Mara Girling's art of Printspace is created to spark the imagination and make you smile. You can find more of her work (as well as that of her husband) on her website, on her blog and on flickr.

Sarah Golden - Sarah Golden of craftyFOLK lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband musician Jacob Golden and she is a musician myself (The Battle of Land and Sea). She didn't go to art school and likes to work in the living room, so she can watch movies while she draws and paints. Sarah dreams big big future plans for craftyFOLK and hopes to be creating art even when she's an old woman. You can read more about her on her blog and see more of her work on flickr.

Jessica Gonacha - Jessica Gonacha is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia who is endlessly creating. Her work includes paintings, drawings, illustrations, and paper goods and is vibrant, colorful, and charming. Her work can be found on her site and in her Etsy shop. You can also read more about Jessica and her work on her blog.

Blanca Gómez - Blanca Gómez is an illustrator and graphic designer who lives and works in Madrid, Spain. Blanca likes making small things with care; her website is called "cosas mínimas,” which means "tiny things" in Spanish. Simple things inspire her and her work. Her work can be found on her site and in her Etsy shop.

Samantha Hahn - Samantha Hahn is an illustrator, surface pattern designer, crafter, blogger, and art teacher. She also writes the blog Maquette where she writes about art, design, craft, and eclectic style. She also often shares her daily drawings there as well. Samantha has done commercial work for: Glamour Magazine, Craft Magazine, Hallmark, Mankind Magazine, Blanket Magazine, & Lovely Magazine among others. To purchase prints of her work, visit her etsy shop, Little Paper Planes and Shiny Squirrel.

Kim Haller - Kim is the mixed media artist behind kil sook. Currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, much of her work is influenced and inspired by being a Korean adoptee, the many floating phrases that pop into her head, the funny things that her kids say and do, retro patterns, textures, crazy childhood stories, piles of collected stuff, and an incurable obsession with candy and being warm. She sells prints of her work, which can be found on her Etsy shop, as well as welcomes inquiries on custom pieces.

Abigail Halpin - Abigail Halpin is an illustrator and life-long New Englander. She works with both traditional and digital media to create colorful, whimsical pieces. Her illustrations have appeared in assorted publications, a children's book being released Spring 2009 and in her Etsy shop, Miss Avocado.

Shawna Handke - During a transitional moment in her life, Shawna Handke realized that she needed pursue the things in life that motivated her to wake up each morning. Shawna had studied graphic design & illustration, but she had not really pursued an art career and so she decided to change that. The artwork that she began creating expressed a child-like creativity and can be described as free-spirited and full of vibrant color. Read more and see Shawna's work on her Blog, her Website, her Etsy Shop & on Flickr.

Fee Harding - Fee is the artist behind Burntfeather. She lives in Queensland, Australia and started drawing as a side project to her other day job, peachypan.com. Her true love is art and finds nothing better than sitting on her bed, being cosy and doodling away. You can read more of fee's adventures over at her blog and find her work at her etsy shop.
Mary Beth Heishman - Mary Beth is an artist and master art educator in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her current works are juxtapositions between humans, flora and various fauna. The naturalist theme reoccurs in her artworks and jewelry. Mary Beth blends the surrealism of Las Vegas with the naturalism of the desert to create a unique art form that combines the fantastic and unexpected. See more on her website and in her Etsy Shop.
Tara Hogan - Southern Connecticut born Tara Hogan began her design and illustration business INK+WIT in 2003 after working in house as a web and print designer in South Norwalk, CT and Syracuse, NY. Strongly rooted in Scandinavian design and American illustration, the basis of simple bold shapes and intricate textures laid the foundation of creating original works of art and prints sold on INK+WIT in addition to carrying over the simple refined style into projects like identity, websites, and illustration projects. You can read more about her work on her blog.

Denise Ann Holmes - Denise Ann Holmes is a 27 year old illustrator living in Chicago. She spends much of her day researching, drawing, reading books, drinking tea with friends, knitting and taking pictures. She is inspired by vintage children's books, photographs of people she doesn't know, apartment gardens, derelict thrift stores and her husbands crazy ideas. You can see more of her work on her blog, in her Etsy Shop and on her flickr page.

Naomi Hughes - An artist and freelance illustrator, Naomi Hughes lives and works in Lockhart, Texas. She loves vegetables and babies, and paints portraits of both for her Etsy shop Naomilayne. Naomi strives for a level of sincerity in her paintings which she believes stems from a background in photography, but also considers herself heavily influenced by various folk art and craft traditions.

Hadley Hutton  - Hadley’s work is a blend of traditional painting and modern design. She draws inspiration from Asian patterns and motifs, Victorian die cuts, and geometric designs.  Her work explores nature’s beauty, people’s influence on their surroundings, and the environment's influence on people. You can see more of her work in her Etsy Shop and on her website.

Janice Jong - Janice creates from a corner of her little home in London with a cup of tea and mp3s playing on repeat. Her work is the stuff of urban everyday life with a fantastical edge. You can see more of her work in her Shop and on her Flickr page and visit her blog.

K*smith - K*smith is a shy girl who loves nothing more than sitting back and discovering the hidden beauty in people and in objects. After the loss of her dog (and best friend) of eight years, Humbert, she decided that she needed a release for her sadness. Nothing seemed more appropriate than to finally share with the world her illustrations...and that is how Unconventional Ida was born. Unconventional Ida Shop ~ a forest fairytale by k*smith - Blog.

Liz Kalloch - Liz Kalloch is a mixed media artist, illustrator and designer. She splits her time between working as a designer for several stationery and journal publishers, creating illustrations for licensing, and painting in her multi-dimensional studio. She shows her artwork a few times a year at galleries around the country, sells prints of her work and card sets in her Etsy shop, and blogs at her blog, Athena Dreams Design.

Belinda Kemp - Belinda Kemp is an artist living in Melbourne, Australia. She used to be a graphic designer, but now enjoys the complete creative freedom of making her own work. Her work is available through her etsy shop, her madeit shop and through Udessi gallery.

Anna Ruby King - Anna is an Australian artist living in Athens,Greece. In Australia, I studied art at university, where she majored in print media, and minored in painting. After that she studied jewellery design and manufacture. Her now consists of her creating her own version of nature. See more of her work on her site and follow her on Twitter.

Andrea Lauren - Andrea is the artist behind Paper-Sparrow. When she's not day dreaming about living amongst the animals in the forest - she plays cello, loves a good cup of coffee, goes vintage shopping and plans new road trips in her trusty Swedish wagon. You can find more of Andrea's art in her her Etsy Shop and read more about her on her Blog.

Nan Lawson - Nan is an illustrator living and working in Los Angeles. She lives with her boyfriend and two cats in a craftsman apartment that she is obsessed with decorating. She loves clean lines, simple design, and soft muted colors. Her art evokes a quiet serene feeling with a bit of an edginess making it accessible to men, women, and children of all ages. See more of her work on her shop and on her Blog.

Micheal Lewis - Lewis Acrylics has been operating since 2003. Mike has shown in 9 states, in major solo shows, dual shows and many group exhibitions. His work is represented by The Blue Bottle, Artstream Studios, and Lunar Boy Gallery. Currently he is working in a studio in Portland Maine and spending his weekends with his lovely fiance. See more of his work on his website and on his Blog.

Shuxin Liang - Originally from Southern China, and having studied in Edinburgh, Shuxin now lives in Melbourne as a freelance artist. With a BA and Masters Degree in Graphic Design, Shuxin likes to use visual communication as the most direct way to express herself. See more of her work on her site and on her Blog.

Jill Brown Louie - JB Louie is the artist behind Browningtonforest. She creates designs influenced by her baby and by nature, as well as everyday life. She finds finds awe and magic within the forest and nature in general inspires her. She grew up in the mountains and now lives with her new baby and husband by the beach! You can find her art in her Etsy Shop and read more about her on her Blog.

Michele Maule - Michele Maule has been making art for over ten years and has a bachelor's degree in art from Portland State University. Her specialty is printmaking and collage, but she also loves to paint and book bind. You can find her work in her Etsy shop, on her blog and on flickr.

Tricia McKellar - Tricia McKellar is a mixed media artist & photographer in North Carolina, USA. Her dreamy photography marries original photographs with digital painting. Wanderlust & the Southern landscape inspire many of her works. You can see more of her work on her Blog, Flickr & Esty Shop.
Donna McKenzie - Donna is a freelance artist/illustrator inspired by fabrics, wallpaper, art from any era, childrens' books and any shape or color seen in nature.  She loves to draw and do custom commissions and collaborations. You can see more of her work on her Blog, and in her & Esty Shop.
Brittni Wood Mehlhoff - Brittni  lives with her husband and two animals in a brick bungalow in Jacksonville, Florida. When she is not creating collages, experimenting in 3-D work, or painting, she can be found over on papernstitch, as the owner and creator of the papernstitch.com exhibition site and as the editor of the papernstitch blog.

Molly Meng - Molly is a freelance artist & teacher who moved to San Francisco after ten years in New York City. Her work is inspired by ephemera of all sorts and the history that exists within each item. Her greeting card line, 8mmideas, can be found in shops around the country; while her one-of-a-kind, mixed-media collage pieces are located in shops, gallerys and numerous private collections around the U.S.
Lauren Minco - Lauren graduated from the Illustration Department at The Rhode Island School of Design in 2006. Now she balances teaching, freelance illustration, and showing her work in galleries while pursuing her own entrepreneur endeavors. She currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island. Lauren is faculty with RISD Continuing Education and Montserrat College of Art's Illustration Department. See her work on her website, in her Etsy Shop and on her blog.
Elsa Mora - You may be more familiar with Elsa's nickname, Elsita, that's the name of her Etsy shop too. Elsita does a little bit of everything: illustration, painting, ceramics, doll-making, sculpture, the most awesome papercuts & jewelry making. You can see more of Elsita's work on her blog, her papercutting blog and on her flickr page.
Jenean Morrison - Jenean lives in Memphis, TN with her husband, Joel Rose, a film maker and frequent collaborator.  She spends her days drawing, painting, and designing surface pattern collections for fabrics, stationery, rugs and more.  Learn more about Jenean and see more of her work on her website.

Nancy Mungcal - Nancy is the artist behind Pretty Little Thieves. She draws, cuts, pastes, colors and prints. She loves the tools of her trade....Helvetica, Kraft and graph paper, Pantome colors, black pens, 05 pencils, markers and notebooks. And also, illustration, graphics, hand drawing, patterns, art, nature, animals, travel and especially music. You can see more of Nancy's lovely and intriging work her on website, in her Etsy Shop, on flickr and on her blog.

Stephanie Nance - Artist Stephanie Nance uses a variety of materials to create bold illustrative pieces inspired by wildflowers, road signs, and the traditional still life. Her work is charming and is equally at home in modern or eclectic settings. The textures, patterns and strong color palette seen in her pieces are distinctly American, but have garnered her an international following. See more on her Website, in her Shop and on her Blog.

Tanya Newbery - Tanya is an independent artist located in Utah. She loves exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials. Children and their sense of wonder are often the catalyst for her creations. Many of her illustrations feature two little dreamers, or souls, running about in their pajamas. They are often featured gazing up to the sky. To learn and see more visit her Flickr, Blog and her Shops: Gumball Grenade & Fables and Foxes.

Jen Oaks - Jen Oaks just moved from San Francisco to superflowery Berkeley, where there are plenty of birds and squirrels for her cats to stare at. She uses ink, gouache, and her Wacom tablet to illustrate, and is really excited about silkscreen lately. Jen will graduate in December with her MFA in Illustration! You can find her work at her site, her etsy shop, and her flickr.

flossy-p - flossy-p is an illustrator from Australia. A little while back she relocated from a big city to a very small village tucked between the beach and the bush. This move changed alot of things in her life, including what she illustrates. Through her city-girl eyes she is spying all sorts of new things, and now fills her pages with discoveries from her new garden and town. See more on her website, blog, and etsy shop.

Sarah Parrott - Sarah is the designer & printer behind things are better with a parrott and Parrott Design Studio. Growing up in Portland, ME, she has always had an affinity for the ocean, mountains, birds, gardening, & the simple life. Now living in Providence, RI, she spends her days as an event planner for a local non-profit & her nights & weekends designing & printing stationery for her shop & custom invitations for weddings & events. You can read learn more on her blog.

Ashley Percival - Ashley graduated from the University College Falmouth in 2010 and is now a freelance illustrator living in Cornwall. He gets most of his inspiration from wildlife and nature. You can see more in his Etsy Shop.

Jody Pham - Jody is a freelance artist living in Dallas, Texas with her darling husband and two tuxedo kitties. The left and right sides of her brain are constantly at war, but she likes it that way. She has a slight obsession with turkish coffee, siamese twins and Hitchcock films. You can find her work in her shop & on her blog.

Kelly Puissegur - Kelly's drawings are little appreciations of found objects, plants, animals, people who inspire her, family, music, shapes, textures and whatever else pops into her head. She changes mediums frequently, but her work generally has a childlike & playful quality. Her goal is to make affordable art that people can smile about and relate to in some way. You can find her work in her website & on her Etsy Shop (Retrowhale).

Jessica Rose - Jessica Rose is the artist behind vol25. Jessica named her shop vol25, because she opened her shop shortly after turning 25 and it was like opening a new volume in her life. With each piece of art she creates, Jessica hopes to give at least one person the warm fuzzies. You can find her work in her shop, on her blog and on her flickr page.

Ana Raimundo - Ana is the Portuguese artist and illustrator of fric_de_mentol. She has a fine art degree which broadened her horizons of the artistic world. She was a tile painter for some years in a factory. That gave me some experience in the manufacturing process and in conducting a business. You can find her work in her shop, on her blog and on her flickr page.

Valentina Ramos - Valentina Ramos is a graphic designer who loves to work with different materials, but black ink is one of the mediums you will always find in her original prints, paintings and drawings. She loves to create art with little intricate details using her beloveds Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Pens. You can find her work for sale in her Etsy Shop.

Amy Ruppel - @my was born and raised in the Kettle Moraine woods of Wisconsin near the Mammoth Ice Age Center. She drew plants & comics, dug up fossils & went for endless forest walks before being chased back home by some territory crazed animal. But the birds were always kind. Her love for nature & science led her to an art & illustration career, &to the Pacific Northwest. She now works as an artist, illustrator & so-so gardener in beautiful & green Portland. Learn more on her website and see more in Etsy Shop.

Tamara K. Richel - Tamara draws upon her life and surroundings as inspiration for her work. Her paintings are studies of color, shadow, light and form and she is fascinated by the play of shadow and light on everyday objects. You can see more in her Etsy Shop and on her website.
Elizabeth Sanchez- Elizabeth’s style demonstrates distinctive line work and unique color combinations. She is influenced by 60's counter-culture and art nouveau. Her graphic imagery is combined with organic shapes, earth tones, and natural toned paper, bringing an unexpected warmth to enigmatic subject matter. You can see more on her website and in her Etsy Shop.

Melody Seal - Melody Seal's work deals with narratives of some kind and she tries to find different ways to create a story. Although primarily influenced by her own experiences, she also draws inspiration from her imagination, memories, the carnival, masks, things that are not quite what they seem as well as her childhood growing up in the depths of Africa. She mainly concentrates on drawing, painting and printmaking, particularly in a children’s book & editorial context, but she also enjoys prop making and puppetry. See more on her website, in her Esty shop and on flickr.

Shira Sela - Shira Sela is an artist, illustrator and designer. She works with both traditional and digital mediums and loves to use pencils, inks and markers as well as graphic and illustration softwares. You can find her work in her Etsy shop and on her website.

Jen Skelley - Jen is a full time illustrator living with her fiance, Nate and cat, Mugatu in Massachusetts. She loves animals, children's book illustrations, whimsical patterns and drawing with lots of detail. You can see her designs and client work on her website. Also, Jen sells prints of her illustrations and other goodies in her Etsy Shop.

Lisa Solomon - Lisa is an artist, educator, and sometimes graphic designer best known for her work which questions and deconstructs the meaning of identity through the exploration of mediums traditionally associated with domestic crafts. Born in Tuscon, AZ to a Japanese mother and a Caucasian father, she now lives and works in Northern California with her husband, daughter, 2 dogs, 2 cats and many, many spools of thread. You can see more of her work on her Website and on her Blog.

Irena Sophia - Irena is a artist living on relation of South Salem, NY and Zagreb, Croatia. She spent her childhood in Europe then moved to New York. Her style of work is greatly influenced by combination of vintage illustration, manga, folk art and modern design. She is inspired greatly by soft lines, serene scenes, creating a world of inner quietness and delicacy. She holds Fine Art degree in painting and spends her time dedicating herself fully to her art. You can see more of her work in her Etsy Shop and on her Blog.

Rachael Smith - Rachael is the illustrator & story writer behind Penelope and Pip. Bold bears, curious cats & the odd sweet little bird or two are just some of the friends that feature in her illustrations & stories, inspired by everything sweet and charming about this lovely world in which we live. Rachael's background is in graphic design & she lives in beautiful Brisbane, Australia, w/ her own menagerie of furry friends who keep her company while she is busy illustrating. You can see the charming stories of Penelope and Pip on her website, Facebook and in her Etsy shop.

Angela Stasio - Angela is the illustrator, designer, and craftsperson behind The Paper Apartment. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and two fun cats. Her most favorite things aside from making stuff include car rides to new places, cooking dinner, and dancing around. Smoothies are good, too. You can learn more on her blog.

Naoko Stoop - Naoko Stoop's artwork comes from the everyday life in her neighborhood. She draws, paints and prints and most of the materials she uses are from the neighborhood. She gets inspiration from the beautiful Prospect Park which is just half a block away from her apartment. You can see more of Naoko's work in her Etsy Shop, on her website and on her flickr page.

Fritha Strickland - Fritha's full name is Fritha Moonbeatle Tigerlilly Quinn Strickland. She is a semi-professional illustrator and general maker of cute things. Her love of drawing and crafts came from moving a lot as a child and learning to 'make' her friends from paper when real ones were not available. She believes that what you're happiest doing at five is what you will be happiest doing your entire life. You can see more of her work on her Blog & in her Shop.

Erin Stueber - Erin was born, raised, loved, married, (and so far) has stayed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Reminded of her own childhood imagination, she marvels at the sometimes bright, often dark,and always mysterious world as seen through the eyes of her children. She is a completely self taught artist and you can see more of her work in her Etsy Shop, on her website and on her flickr page.

Yasmine Surovec - Yasmine Surovec is a product and print & pattern designer by day and in her spare time she also runs the blog A Print A Day, has a shop and just started Parasol Mag.
Mandy Sutcliffe - Mandy studied illustration at Leeds Metropolitan University, during which time her love for illustrating children truly blossomed. To date Mandy has had three books published, one of which she wrote as well as illustrated. Like a child Mandy never stops drawing and developing and now spends her time building her Belle & Boo collection in London.

Julianna Swaney - Julianna was born in Michigan and grew up playing outside with her dogs and cats, going on family vacations to historical sites, and going to antique stores, all of which continue to be an influence on here work. She attended Maine College of Art and got her BFA in 2005 and she now lives in Portland, Oregon. You can see more of her work on her website, in her Etsy shop and on her Blog.

Carla Thursday- Carla is an eccentric redhead, once upon a time leg doodler, guerilla artist, lomographer & wannabe zine author, who would not presume to speak about herself in third person in real life. She is entirely self-taught & usually draws her inspiration from her dreams. Her art employs precise realism contrasted by explosions of colour, collage & detailed stitching & evokes themes of childhood, dreaming & happiness. She is currently publishing two zines & illustrating a children’s picture book by Meme Rene. You can see more of her work on her website and on her Blog.

Angela Traunig - An Australian born artist living in the Deep South, Angela creates original illustrations with a modern style and sense of humor.  From her Knobby Knee characters to old fashioned nursery rhymes, all of Angela's work is full of color and whimsy. You can see more of her work in her Etsy shop and on her Website.

Tsai-fi - tsai-fi (pronounced sci-fi) launched her collection of twisted, but adorably cute, artwork 5 years ago as a creative outlet after graduating from a design school in NYC. She's had extensive experience designing & illustrating for the toy, fashion & gift industries, but has hungered for a way to showcase her own artistic ideas. tsai-fi’s passion for design and her sassy sense of humor is apparent in all of her charmingly playful artwork.You can see more in her Etsy shop and on her Website.

Victoria Usova - Victoria Usova's art is mostly watercolors and occasional collages. She also sculpts from time to time. Her dream is to illustrate fairy tale books. You can see her work on her website, in her Etsy Shop and on her blog.
Angela Vandenbogaard - Angela is the artist behind Jellybeans & is based in Ontario, Canada where she lives with her furry kitty. She is a self taught artist with a heavy science background (Bachelor of Medical Sciences, and working on a Dipolma in Medical Radiation Technology), using her artwork as an escape to a different sort of creative world. Besides her watercolor artwork, she loves dabbling in various other mediums and styles always seeking out new ways to express herself. You can follow her on her blog and see more artwork in her Etsy shop and on flickr.
Marjorie Ann Velez - Marjorie Ann Velez was born and is currently living in a Caribbean island, Puerto Rico in 1975. She works as a freelance illustrator and her whimsical characters come to life in their magical world. You can visit her blog and see more of her work on her Flickr page.
Suzanne L. Vinson - Suzanne is an artist, mother and ordained minister residing in Richmond, VA. Suzanne encourages all individuals to discover their giftedness through art. Her drawings, jewelry. mixed media pieces and block prints contain her love for vintage fabric, connecting her to the long line of creative quilters of her ancestors. See more on her website.

Adrienne Vita - Arcane Arts is Adrienne Vita's outfit where she create all her intricacies and artful things. Drawing for her started with her Mom giving her some crayons and paper at the dinner table and she has been hooked every since. Her work mainly consists of illustrations (but not limited to) in marker, ink, water colors, cut paper and acrylics. You can see more in her Etsy Shop, on flickr and on her website.

Gizem Vural - Gizem was born in Istanbul and has always been keen on drawing, music, ballet and the theater. She is now attending the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and studying graphic design & illustration. You can see more on her Website & on her Blog.

Anna Wadham - Anna is an illustrator based in Norfolk, UK. She illustrates for greeting cards, books, homewares and magazines. Anna has Illustrated two picture books published by Child's Play The Big Bad Bully Goat and Dingo Dog and the Billabong Storm.
She prefers painting cats, rabbits, flowers and patterns. See more of her work on her site, her blog and in her Etsy shop.

Chad Walker - Chad is an illustrator working in NYC. His artwork is a mixture of pen and ink, watercolor and digital media. A regular to the indie craft circuit, he spends most of his time drawing and playing music. The the latest updates and events can always be seen at devotedbee.com.

Jen Wallace - That's me, the person behind Indie Fixx and Feed Your Soul! I just wanted to share, even though I am not an artist.
Jan Weiss - Jan is a California born and raised collage & digital artist and a writer as well. She loves trendy art that pops and has been involved in the art publishing world in way or another, since the mid 90's, as an art coordinator, artist recruiter and even has experience on the retail side of things. She sells her own work through her Etsy Shop and keeps herself busy promoting her art and the art of others at The Art Planet.
Sam Wedelich - Sam is a native Texan living in NYC. In addition to being completely obsessed with illustration, she also plays accordion, collects vintage pyrex and loves to read. She's also working on her first foray into textile design. You can see more on her Website, in her Etsy Shop & on her Blog.
Liz Wong - Liz Wong was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she spent her early childhood painting and clambering about in mango trees. Liz graduated in 1997 with a BFA in Art and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Washington. She is a painter and a freelance illustrator. Liz lives with her husband, Eric Adler, in Seattle, Washington, and together they run ArtGhost.com, whose handmade goods and pop art paintings may be seen in stores around the country.
Paola Zakimi- Paola spent her childhood and part of youth in cold Patagonia, Argentina. Her independent nature led her to Buenos Aires where she studied Arts and Graphic design. She now lives in Villa Giardino, Cordoba. Paola specializes in: art dolls, painting, drawing, illustration. She works as a full-time artist. You can see more of her wok on her website.


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