The Great Pricing Debate

{{by jasfitz}} by guest contributor Shrie L. Spangler I became interested in the pricing debate after reading IndieMade’s coverage of Pricing (Hobby vs. Business). There are generally two types of handmade artisans… those who are creating their awesome handmade goods and selling them as a hobby, and those who are buckling down and trying to […]

Scrapbustin’ Holiday Gift Ideas

by guest contributor Shrie L. Spangler Times are tough, the penny continually needs to be pinched, and the economy isn’t showing any real signs of improvement. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t bust out some seriously rad handmade gifts for a little less than you expected this year. Giving handmade doesn’t mean schlocking together […]

The Uniform Project: Stylish, Sustainable + Socially Conscious

The Uniform Project is the self-imposed creative challenge of New Yorker Sheena Mathieken. She vowed to wear the same dress every single day for a whole year, keeping the outfit fresh and unique without buying anything new. This idea was born out of boredom and a yearning for a little more creativity in her life. […]