Nice Try! My Latest Binge Worthy Podcast

I am a big fan of podcasts, as are about 51% of Americans according to Edison Research’s latest deep dive into podcast audiences.

According to my podcast app analytics, I listen to 15+ hours a week and I am always on the lookout for new shows to add to my feed. My regular go-to genres are news and politics and true crime, but my feed also includes pop culture, comedy, and technology shows among others. I even listen to some podcasts that are review-style shows to find my next listen (Crime Writers On is one of those shows).

One of my latest listens is the new series from Curbed called Nice Try!

Nice Try! a new podcast.

The premier season of Nice Try! is all about our perpetual search for utopia, which by definition is a concept that doesn’t exist. That fact hasn’t kept countless people from attempting to create their own versions of utopia. From the story of the Oneida Community founded in Oneida, New York in 1848 to the creation of the Indian city of Chandigarh in 1947, the series highlights the stories of the people on the search for the perfect place and how things don’t always work out according to plan. The modernist Chandigarh chairs designed for the city feature prominently in the episode.

The featured stories are complicated; and for some, the podcast only scratches the surface. For example, the episode about the founding of the Jamestown colony left out the history of the first Africans brought to the American colonies as slaves. That episode did highlight the negative impacts the colony had on the native Americans that the colony interacted with, though.

Curbed is produced by Vox and the Nice Try! podcast drops on Wednesdays.