Sketchbook Meditation

Sketchbook drawings.

When I need to unwind, or the world gets me down, I like to draw in my sketchbook. I am not an artist, but more of a dabbler. But honestly, it doesn’t matter, and that is why I am sharing my drawings with you. Whether you are an MFA card-carrying established artist or a dabbler like myself, never hesitate to share your work if it makes you happy.

I often sketch, doodle, Zentangle, or color in coloring books wSketchbook drawings. hen I am stressed. I’m not really into meditation, I don’t go to yoga class enough, and like most adults, I am stressed out much of the time. Drawing or coloring helps me to quiet my mind, which allows me to shed the stresses of the day and relax. It is important to give yourself a break.

Some people exercise, I draw or color. Or knit. Or do embroidery. Or make silly cardboard owls. Yoga is good too, though.

Please enjoy these photos of some of the drawings from one of my sketchbooks. They aren’t recent drawings, but they make me happy. Notice I like to draw nature a lot?

Sketchbook drawings.   Sketchbook drawings.