Leaving the nest


Over the weekend my daughter graduated from college and moved out of the house–all on the same day! To say that this weekend was stressful is a major understatement. There was the graduation ceremony, the party and then the packing up and moving out. I’m wiped, both physically and emotionally.

Needless to say, I am super proud of her and of me and her dad. We had her young–I was only 19 when I got pregnant–and I know most people thought things wouldn’t necessary work out for the best. Some people even told us that…but 21 years later, I can say that we did a pretty amazing job. She is a spectacular young woman and not just because she graduated from college. She is self-aware, motivated, confident, creative, intelligent, has an awesome wit and is beautiful among many, many other qualities. I am glad that I got to be her mom and that we are able to go through life together.  Even though I will miss her living at home (she moved 3 hours away), I’m excited to be a witness to her journey through life. I’m sure she will make most of it!


  1. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to a similar experience. My daughter will graduate from college on June 15th. We will attend her commencement and move her home that day. On June 17th she starts a new full-time job! But she is going to live at home for a while to save money (we’re hoping she’ll stay with us for 6 months – year.) We live in a suburb of Seattle and her job is in downtown Seattle. She will be commuting by bus, which means a very long day for her. We’ll see how long she lasts with that commute. I know she will be eager to get her own apartment closer to work.

    Like you, I’m very proud of my daughter. I’m also very thankful that she has a full-time job lined up, with benefits, and IN HER FIELD (graphic design)!

    Isn’t it just wonderful to see them grow and mature into capable, confident young women? We moms should give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done!

  2. Congratulations! I will be in your shoes in 3 weeks, well kinda in your shoes, not 100% exactly.

    My daughter will graduate from college on June 15th and start her new job on June 17th. We’ll go to her commencement and help move her home (2 hours from school) But she is going to live at home for at least a little while before getting her own apartment. We live in a suburb of Seattle and her new job is in downtown Seattle, so she will have an ugly commute (she will take a bus into town). She will have long days with that commute! But she can save up money by living at home (we’re hoping 6 months to a year). But I know she will be eager to get her own place. I’m just super thankful that she landed a full-time job with benefits IN HER FIELD (graphic design)!

    I can imagine since you had your daughter when you were pretty young, that people were pessimistic about things working out. Kudos to you (and your Mr.) for the great job you did with your daughter. It’s really gratifying to see them grow up into independent, confident young women! Let’s pat ourselves on the back!

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