Visions and a Roadtrip

I recently went to Baltimore on a C3 field trip. C3 is what we call our small women’s art and craft collective of 5 or so members. We get together periodically and create things–mostly we get together and talk about making shit though and talk about our lives, laugh and bitch in moan–all in equal parts. A couple of weeks ago we drove down to Baltimore to visit the American Visionary Art Museum, which is a magical place. It’ not like any other art museum you’ve ever been to and if you live close enough to drive to Baltimore or will be visiting from out of town, I highly recommend a visit. You won’t be sorry.

After we visited the AVAM, we went to Fells Point for some lunch and to see what else we could get into. We stopped in at the Goodwill, checked out a few shops and came across a gallery for the mixed mosaic and media artist Lorning Cornish. There we were treated to some tunes (ABBA was blasting full volume) and a tour by the artist himself. We all fell in love with his work. In fact, I was so enchanted I just had to buy one of his pieces.

Lorning Cornish’s How Great Thou Art Gallery in Baltimore.

Loring Cornish glass artwork.

Here’s the piece I bought. It’s hanging in my bedroom. I will have to take a better picture later. The light still isn’t good in my home–come on late spring and summer!

Here’s a few more pieces in Loring’s gallery.


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