Indie Quilts

Years ago I posted about Indie Quilters for a reader who was looking to purchase a quilt. I wasn’t able to find that many quilters selling their wares online….but it was 2007. Things have changed in the 6 years since then and now everyone is selling homemade goods online!

I recently came across Folk Fibers, the quilt shop of Maura Grace Ambrose, and decided to share her beautiful works in case Kelly is still reading this blog 6 years later!

Based in Austin, Texas, Folk Fibers quilts are completely handmade and can take months to complete. They are also made from organically grown and foraged natural dyes from around Austin.  Maura uses wild mushrooms, osage orange, pomegranates, onion skins, indigo and other natural dyes to create the colors for her textiles.

They are truly works of art and I am smitten. Thanks to Country Living magazine for the find.

{all images from Folk Fibers}

Mushroom Dyes


Maura creating her quilt patterns with watercolors.