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Bardot film.

I recently finished a freelance writing assignment about Brigitte Bardot. In writing about her, I realized I had never actually seen any of her films, so I decided to watch And God Created Woman. This wasn’t her first film, but it was probably the one that rocketed her to fame and cemented her reputation as a sex kitten. Directed by Roger Vadim and released in 1956, it stars Bardot as an 18-year-old orphan living in a seaside town. She is powder keg of sensuality and quickly finds herself embroiled in a love triangle of sorts involving 2 brothers and an older gentleman. For it’s time, it was quite risque and was described as a “breezy erotic drama” by film critic Dennis Schwartz.

While I can’t call it great cinema, much of the story and acting is a bit thin, Bardot is larger than life on the screen. Her natural sex appeal and energy come through and I can see why she became the sex symbol she did. I also really liked the the easy St. Toprez early 50s  feel to this film and was actually quite inspired by it….or maybe it’s because it’s only 20 degrees outside!

St Tropez style.

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