Winter Blues

I’ve really been struggling to not be in a funk this winter. I don’t know about you, but I am not a winter person. I don’t like the cold, the dark and the grey days. I’m so not motivated to do anything. Like nothing. At all. I’ve been barely keeping up with the bare minimum on all my obligations. And I don’t like feeling this way.

The thing is–is it’s a viscous cycle and I know this, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to break the spell of the funk. I’ve got to though…I’ve still got February and part of March to go before the weather and the day length will improve around here, and subsequently my mood.

I’ve got some ideas for how to change my attitude: taking an online art class, making plans with friends to get me out of the house, making the time and finding the will power to exercise (after all we have a treadmill in the house).

For all you “winter blues” sufferers out there, what do you do to change your outlook?  Help me out and share your advice–I need some inspiration.


  1. I appreciate all of your comments. It does help to know that I am not the only one who struggles with this.

    I have decided to make a few changes to hopefully improve my mood. I’m focusing on things that have some sort of positive benefit in and of itself.

    I’ve signed up for some online creative classes.

    The hubster and I are going to make some dietary changes that will hopefully lead to increased energy.

    I am making a commitment to spend time being creative only for the sake of being creative. Not making gifts, or things to sell, just to create.

    I’ve also decided to get back to reading more and to get away from screens more. I spend too much time in front of screens for sure! I will be trying out the titles that you guys recommended.

    I’ve also decided to work on my sleeping habits…which are currently abysmal. I’m hoping to keep more regular sleeping habits and working on getting the same amount of sleep each night as well as getting to bed at a decent hour.

    So, we will see where all that leads me. It will at least give me something to focus on until March!

  2. I have winter blues this year and I live in the south! Very rainy here in January! Exercise is important, try and get outside if possible to enjoy some light. Surround yourself with bright colors. And consider a full spectrum light/lamp and use it.

  3. Hello Jen,
    Yes, january up to march are the hardest months with your own reserves depleted, no daylight ( i don’t call this daylight! :p), no energy… I still don’t like it very much, because we’re expected to keep on going on. I just finished my semestrial exams at college. They went fairly well but it’s hard to be on the top of your game when your body and surroundings tell you to go hibernate already!
    Multivitamins, light food with lots of fish (brainfood!), regular life and sleep is what got me through. It is a period when everything (in nature) is sleeping, waiting for a new beginning and for me it is easiest to try to follow that.
    Not to stagnate and come to a standstill, but quietly observing how the new season unfolds -in nature but our own inner season too. Preparing for the new spring, and being kind to yourself.
    Maybe this isn’t concrete advice, just an elaborate way to tell you to ” hang in there” … Maybe i’m trying to tell you not to fight it, don’t waste the little energy you’ve got, and know that it will get better again soon! It’s only 2 more months, and the days are getting longer.
    Oh wait, i have something i can recommend: the audio book of The creative fire by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It’s about the cycles in creativity, but it applies just as well to the cycles in our lives. She’s an amazing storyteller, listening to her fairy tales and anecdotes does wonders! And it’s perfect for this introspective time of the year…hmm…i think i’ll put it on while i do my much needed post-exam cleaning up! With love from Belgium, and take care!

  4. Those Tulips are glorious! I mostly just go with it for a while. It is seasonal, after all. But I do things like immerse myself in a book. It lets me lounge and bundle up while the weather is icky but I don’t feel like I’m a slug. I’ll make a small change in my home, rearrange my mantle usually. I light candles and drink hot tea more. Small comforts to get by.

  5. I suffer this way too. I feel like it is sunny most of the time in the mid-atlantic, even in winter, but the cold is a struggle for me. I don’t like bundling up and braving the weather either. It helps me to work on enjoying some of the things that make winter nice. Like sitting by the warm fireplace, drinking hot tea and enjoying that it is ok to be a little slower this time of year.

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