Glammed Up Holiday Houses

Inspired by this post, I made some little cardboard houses for under the tree. All the goods are  either recycled or were gifted to me (excluding a couple pieces of felt I purchased). The great holiday fabrics were sent to me from Creative Thursday and the sequins my friend Mary shared with me. Everything else was already in my arts and crafts stash.


Cardboard (I used an old priority mail box)
Fabric scraps
Glue or some kind of adhesive
Scissors and/or rotary cutter
Pinking sheers
Hot glue gun
Felt, ribbon, rickrack, sequins, paint chips, paper punches, buttons, seed beads and other fun notions and tools you can use to glam your houses up.


  1. Create your own templates or use the templates from Cart Before the Horse. Print and cut out from paper.
  2. Use the templates to cut out cardboard pieces. Please note, I did not cut out windows and doors like in Cart Before the Horse project.
  3. Use the cardboard walls and sides as a template and cut out fabric using a rotary cutter. Leave about a half inch allowance for gluing. Do the same with the felt and the roof pieces.
  4. Glue the fabric to the individual cardboard pieces. You can use the same fabric for the front walls and side walls. I preferred to use different patterns.
  5. Repeat with the roofs, but instead trim the edges with pinking sheers.
  6. Using a hot glue gun, affix the front and side walls together. Once the frame of the house is glued and sturdy enough, glue on the roof.
  7. Now, comes the fun part. Decorations! I used felt pieces as windows, doors and shrubbery. I also used rick rack as “snow” or gingerbreading. I used a star paper punch, paint chips and sequins to make a garland. I used sequins as “holiday lights” Finally, each door has a little seed bead doorknob. Your imagination is the only limit to your options here!


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